The Ashland Road Trip, Part 1

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Well, it was back to Ashland, Oregon for me! I first visited this beautiful little town in February of this year en route to Seattle – when it was still sleepy and quiet. No more – the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is well underway and summer is high season for them!

It was a very smooth drive all the way up there, and it only took about 10.5 hours, which was fantastic. We were there by about 5 PM, which gave us plenty of time to relax, hang out with some cool people, take in the Green Show (the free, pre-show entertainment before all the shows at the Festival), and get a bite to eat before going to bed! And Robert was a fantastic road companion – took the first 6 hours on the road in style, and then pretty much stayed awake the entire time I was driving.

It was also cool to be at the Festival with someone who had worked there (Robert), so I was quickly introduced to many of the wonderful people there and was certainly made to feel like one of the gang. Very easy to get into a restful mindset up there – it was a nice end to a long day.

A lovely first day – SO glad I made this trip. I had, in fact, received my first audition (since I’ve been back from Seattle) the day before we were to leave. I spent about 5 minutes wondering if I should postpone the trip in case I was needed for the callback. Here I had something I was genuinely excited about, and something very unsure (and not that exciting) on the other hand. As an actor, I’ve learned, if they want to use you, they will. So I happily set off in the car the next morning, and I don’t think I gave the audition another thought (as it should be anyway :-).

Below are the 3 parts of Day on video: starting out the drive, about half-way through, and our arrival in Ashland. Plus a few photos along the way!

Journal, Part I

Starting out from NoHo!

A few of these signs along the way…

Journal, Part II

Journal, Part III

Deer were everywhere – right in the front yards! Amazing!

Like I said, everyone likes to relax in Ashland

Dance Kaleidoscope prepping for the Green Show

The Green Show audience – this is the usual kind of turnout

During the show – this was set to the music of Jacques Brel

How can you not be happy when this is where you are? Not bad at all!

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