Guidelines On Board (or, 11 Awesome Principles to Live By) + silly video!

guidelines on board

Holy Wow – we’re already into the second half of 2011 – there’s lots to share, so let’s get right to all the latest developments!


First off – have you seen the NEW look and design of the website? If you’re not reading this there, go and check it out. I’m really excited about it and a big THANKS to Chantelle Baxter for her work!

Second – You’ll notice the tagline has been changed: “The PRACTICE of Healthy Living and Full-Time Travel,” ’cause that’s what I’m doing these days and it finally dawned on me to share that info with the world! Super excited about where this will lead. I initially had the word “pursuit” instead of “practice,” and then I realized that since I’m living this, it’s not as much of a pursuit but more of a day-to-day practice – this is what I’m excited to learn more about, improve upon, and refine. [Quick side/July 4th note: back in Thomas Jefferson’s day, “pursuit” meant the same as “practice” – as in “…life, liberty and the practice of happiness!”]

Third – back in February 2011, I drafted “Guidelines On Board Nonstop Awesomeness,” as a way to codify what it is I stand for, and for you to see if Nonstop Awesomeness is something that resonates with what you believe. I’ve been reworking and tweaking this ever since (and I’m sure it will continue to change). We don’t have to get all dogmatic with this stuff. To me, life is all about being flexible. I do think this will help bring more cohesion and clarity to what is happening here! [skip down to the guidelines]

Fourth – In the spirit of new dawnings, clarity, and fun – here’s a quick 60-SECOND VIDEO I made over the weekend, based on the events of July 1, 2011.

Can you guess what happened? :-)

[if you’re reading this in email or otherwise can’t see the video, click here]

A nod to  for the inspiration – talk about a master of his craft.

(want to see something trippy? watch that clip in !)


Onto the Nonstop Awesomeness Guidelines On Board…

I see this as a living document – I will add, edit, and refine as the journey continues. Of course, your feedback is always welcome – I want this to reflect why you’re here, too!


#1. We Connect Genuinely With Those Around Us.

We’re all connected. All of us. We all have stories to tell, wisdom to share, and questions to ask. Let’s take the time to really connect with the people we meet each day, whether we’ve known them for five years or five minutes.

And yes, our online interactions can be awesome and exciting, but how are we bringing our online work offline? How are we involving what we’re learning and sharing online into the physical world and into our daily lives? It’s so easy now to virtually connect with the people in your tribe anywhere in the world – what are we going to do in the real world with this energy and momentum?


#2. We Focus On What Excites Us and When We Feel Most Alive.

I know that living with a spring in your step sounds like a Disney movie (or a Broadway musical) waiting to happen, yet life is so much more rewarding when we are truly engaged with what we’re doing. We all know what those moments feel like: we’re in the zone, we’re not thinking about the past or the future, and our brains are buzzing.

Whatever gets your blood pumpin’ and your goose bumps bumpin’, be it painting, volunteering, hiking, quadratic equations, singing or even doing the laundry (!), keep pursuing those activities, ‘cause that’s where true happiness exists.

Follow your heart. It won’t lie to you – ever. Whenever you’re faced with a choice or a decision, ask yourself if your heart is in it. If it is, go forward 110%; if not, avoid that road. This isn’t about blowing off responsibility or ignoring help – it’s about making conscious decisions about how you are spending your time.


#3. We Keep Our Lives On Track.

If something is important to us, we make it a part of our lives. Period.

Whether it’s family, exercise, reading, nutrition, mindfulness, nature or horses, if you know you’re a happier and more fulfilled person when you focus on this and involve it in your life, then it’s about cultivating a practice that includes this on a (daily?) basis that supports and nurtures you.

We take care of ourselves the best we know how – whether it be eating, exercising or resting; we seek to avoid slippery slopes and justifications.


#4. We Take Risks. We Fall Down. We Move Forward.

Whether you’re moving an inch or a mile outside your comfort zone, the important part is that you’re pushing your edges and expanding who you are and moving that much closer to reaching your full potential!

Know that it’s OK to take a big leap and fall flat on your face. It’s also OK to fall off the saddle even if you’re a championship rider. We all make mistakes; it’s how we learn!

No one escapes fear. Not your dad, your grandma, your uncle, your high school gym teacher, your karate instructor, or the President. Everyone has it; those who move forward summon the courage needed and move through their fear.


#5. We are Grateful.

Life is an amazing experience – what a gift! Two simple words to say as often as you can: “Thank you.”

No matter your situation, there’s always something to give thanks for, and in most circumstances, there’s lots to choose from. Let’s live from a place of gratitude for ourselves, others, and the world!


#6. Even When the “Fasten Seatbelt” Light Is On, We Have a Good Time.

Life is fun! Let’s experience it fully and with a smile on our face. I think we are each here to experience outrageous joy!

Now of course, things will happen differently than we expect, especially when we’re out in the world. What will still make it really awesome is if we playfully handle all the challenges in our life.


#7. We Love The Road and Where We’re On It.

Gotta love who we are completely, warts and all. :-) Would you ever tell someone you loved that you only love the good parts of them? Yeah, probably not. The way we treat others with love is the way to treat ourselves.

Life is a journey, not a race. Wherever we are on the path of life, wherever we are with what we’re studying or practicing, love where you are and be excited for what you’re currently doing on your journey!


#8. We Celebrate the Victories of Others.

Pretty self-explanatory, right? When one of us wins, we all win. It’s also important to remember and reflect on our own victories (how often do we blow right past this looking at the next goal?).

There is no competition out there, and for someone to win, it does not mean that you must lose. Only you can offer what you do/have/bring, so no matter if there are 100 other people “doing what you’re doing,” it’s not the same at all.


#9. We Are the Captains of Our Ships.

We take responsibility for our actions, our relationships, and our lives. No, we may not know where this vessel is always headed, but we are at the helm. The fact that at any moment we have the power to completely alter our lives is powerful.

If something doesn’t work in your life, you are the person responsible and necessary to improve the situation. It does no one any good (and it certainly doesn’t make any immediate improvements) when we complain, criticize, or blame.

Let’s strive for transparency, honesty, and authenticity in all that we do.


#10. We Cherish Our Environment.

This planet isn’t going to be here forever. Yeah, I know it’s something like 40 gazillion light years away, but didn’t your mother ever tell you to leave a place better than you found it? (mine did :-))

Let’s look for ways to live responsibly and sustainably; to reduce, reuse, and to recycle; to live naturally, in harmony with our surroundings and our eco-system. We’re sharing this real estate with lots of non-humans (who seem to be living pretty eco-friendly lives) – let’s do our part to keep this planet amazingly beautiful!


#11. We Take Baby Steps of Improvement.

This life is full of opportunities for continual improvement – there’s always something to work on. Our work is never done.

Whatever your goal is, you can take one laughably small baby step today to bring you that much closer to it. Then do that again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and so on and so on. It adds up. This isn’t a paper due tomorrow. This is your life – we’re talking a 30, 40, 50-year project. So think about the big picture and the work will be easy as (nutritious!) pie.


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I probably could have used a few more travel phrases above in the Guidelines – any ideas on how to reword them? (let me know below) :-)

By the way, the “Arrested Development” nerd in me is kinda thrilled the initials of this are !


So what do you think of the Guidelines? Anything you want to add, or anything missing?

I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Hope you enjoyed the videos!


Until next time,


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