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Conversation in Purpose with Dave Ursillo

As I mentioned earlier this month, I’m sharing a conversation with author, teacher, friend (and fellow New Englander!) Dave Ursillo as part of his meaningful conversations project. In Dave’s own words… “Conversations in Purpose is an exploration of discovering what

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Join me at the Global Life Summit NEXT WEEK + more…

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Hope you had a great holiday season! I always love how quiet it gets and how no one really expects anything from you during the last two weeks of the year. :) It’s been a very contemplative time for me,

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Affirmations, Declarations + Mantras for Optimal Living! (including what I use!)

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  I’ve seen that if I want positive experiences in my life, I need to have positive thoughts. For many years, I was very closed off—not sure I’d categorize myself as “negative,” but certainly not happy-go-lucky. A few years ago,

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Start With Why—Here’s Mine…

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Want to know… WHY I’m living like a nomad? WHY I’ve chosen to be healthy on the road? and WHY I’m doing the work I am? You’re in luck. :)     As you can tell, there is a LOT

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Show Update #1: We’re Moving Forward!

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from Pacific Beach, CA…   Suh-weet!! :) Really excited to move forward and SO appreciate your enthusiasm and support!   Two more quick items: Did you enter the giveaway to get your own taco t-shirt??? Jump on that! :)  

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Will You Help Launch a Healthy Food & Travel Show?

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Healthy Food & Travel Show with Modern-Day Nomad Nathan Agin

Greetings from La Monarca Bakery & Cafe on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica! (They have wifi, and I’ve done well staying away from all the baked goods… mostly. ;)   After initially putting my show idea out to the world,

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I’m Shooting a TV Pilot in New Orleans in 8 Weeks

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Nathan and Healthy Eats in New Orleans!

QUICK UPDATE: I’ve entered the “Make Food More Awesome” contest for a chance to win $1000, to tour the Food Network and to meet with the Awesome Foundation! Click here to vote and tell others! Thanks!! :)   Yeah, that’s the plan.

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World Domination: The Healthy Way

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WDS 2012 Wrap-Up Almost two weeks ago, I attended the 2nd World Domination Summit, where the central question posed to us was: How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world? During the two-day summit, many themes emerged

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3:00 AM, a Journal, and Optimal Living

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Journal Entry

  I shared my daily journaling process recently… You know, the “official” kind of writing where you sit down, and go through your values, core principles, and big ideas.   Well, the other night, on my last evening in Seattle,

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My Annual Review: 2011 Wrap-Up + Plans for 2012

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What an amazing and ridiculously awesome year. The biggest deal for me: I spent the whole year traveling. No home. No regular anything. Just me and a backpack – and I didn’t spend a fortune (not that I had one

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