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Join me at the Global Life Summit NEXT WEEK + more…


Hope you had a great holiday season! I always love how quiet it gets and how no one really expects anything from you during the last two weeks of the year. :) It’s been a very contemplative time for me,

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Why I’m Graduating from the World Domination Summit

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It seems fitting that WDS 2013 ended with a champagne toast. It felt very much like a culmination and a celebration of sorts, for me at least. It also felt like the end of my WDS time.   At the

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How to Make a Delicious Green Smoothie in 3 Easy Steps (Dancing Optional)

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I think this just about covers it all…     The 3 Steps: Start with the easy stuff Create a Smoothie Tornado Add the dense/tough/frozen items at the end   The Recipe: 1 1/2 cups of Water 1 Banana 1

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Ukulele Playing + 1st Episode of A Travelin’ Man!

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Two weeks ago in I bought a ukulele in Hawaii… Yeah, just one of those “why not?” kinda moments, ya know? It’s like buying vodka in Russia: just feels right! (or so I’ve heard… ;)   Well—I’ve been playing this tiny

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Welcome to Optimal Living On the Road!

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It’s a new chapter… photo/design: Gregory Berg  There’s reason to celebrate today, and with that, some fun changes ’round here! :)   First, some history… It was exactly two years ago (on 10/10/10!) that during a journaling session, I landed

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How to Have an Awesome + Healthy Afternoon in San Diego!

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  On my final Sunday in San Diego, I took the day “off” from work and had a bit of an adventure! Here’s what I did, and what you could do, too. And yup, all this happened in just one

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F*ck My Life? Nope. More like FMP!

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I’ve seen this phrase FML on Facebook mostly. Maybe you have, too. It stands for: Fuck My Life. Usually in conjunction with something that has gone crazily wrong, following a series of non-catastrophic misfortunes, disappointment or regret.   Here’s my

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700 Days, HerHighway Videos + Taco T-Shirt Winner

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Nathan - 700 Days of Travel

On the Road Streak! Celebrated 700 straight days of travel (aka Nonstop Awesomeness :) on Monday, September 24th! Can’t believe it’s been that long—fast approaching the two-year anniversary (November 4th is when I boarded the plane for Hawaii). I was

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Show Update #1: We’re Moving Forward!

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from Pacific Beach, CA…   Suh-weet!! :) Really excited to move forward and SO appreciate your enthusiasm and support!   Two more quick items: Did you enter the giveaway to get your own taco t-shirt??? Jump on that! :)  

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Giveaway: Who Wants a Taco T-Shirt??

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Something pretty cool happened… I posted about my taco cart experience a few weeks ago, and somehow (through the magic of the internet), the company, Rasta Taco, heard about it.     They left a comment on the post, and

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