Tech Rehearsal, Day 1

We made it to the first day of tech rehearsal: now we add the lights, music, sounds, and costumes! Things are looking really great! And good thing, too – we start shows on Friday! :)

See below for a quick video from today, as well as another 2 installments of Better Know a Paradise Lost-er, featuring two Seattlites: James Turpin & Elise Hunt!

Still having lots of fun here – I went to a swing dancing event on Sunday – just a big ol’ social dance – met some very cool and talented people, and did my best to keep up with everyone else. Then, on Monday, I went with a few other members of the cast to a reading of Harold Pinter’s “The Homecoming” at A Contemporary Theatre – it was an excellent time and it featured one of the actors from OUR show. It’s really great to get around and meet all the other people working here!

Finally, we all know Seattle is known for the rain (it’s really not as bad as you think), but the lesser known fact about this city are the rainbows – check out one I saw during an evening walk tonight – pretty awesome! :)

On with the videos…

ASM James Turpin:


Actress Elise Hunt (“Libby”):


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