Ep. #29: Quality Time with… Meagan Adele Lopez (Author, “Three Questions”) + Win the Book!

Some of what we talked about…

  • Where the idea for the book came about
  • How she created discipline in her life to write the book
  • One of Meagan’s practices that kept her on track – something she started during this process!
  • PLUS – you can win a copy of the book!


Check out Meagan’s KICKSTARTER Campaign!! :-)

Meagan’s Kickstarter video


More about the Book

The Story…

Eight hours in Vegas.
A promise to meet in Chicago.
Four months apart while he traverses through the depths of Africa and she “aspires” through the haze of Hollywood.
Three questions each letter.
Their intense connection is clear, but fate is only as strong as timing allows it to be. She has a life-long passion that is finally turning into a career. He has landed enough British pounds to travel the world for the first time in his life.
Will their honest answers be enough to bring them back together?

Buy “Three Questions”…


Win the Book
(just in time for the holidays)!

In keeping with the book, just answer this in the comments below:

What question would you ask to get to know someone?

A winner will be selected on December 16th and either a physical or virtual copy will be sent (winner’s choice).


More with Meagan

  • Contribute to Meagan’s KICKSTARTER Campaign: the book tour, book trailer, marketing, and design! (she’s self-published!) (campaign ends December 23rd!)
  • Meagan’s recent interview with The Next Web, about the rise of indie-publishing and leveraging social media
  • Follow Meagan on Facebook (), Twitter , check out her social media company socialkaty, and see more of what she’s up to at her personal site.


And as we mentioned, Meagan and I did do a play together in college: The Big Funk by John Patrick Shanley – almost 10 years ago – wow! I haven’t changed a bit, right…? :-)

(in case you weren’t sure – Meagan is second from the left, and I’m on the right!)


And remember – you can win a copy of the book by answering this below:

What question would you ask to get to know someone?


We’d love to hear your answer + any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


PS – Affiliate link for Kindle version above. If you click and make a purchase, a few pennies will drop into my pecan fund. They’re oh so good, and kinda expensive – thanks for your help!


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