Month: February 2013

How I (Almost) Ruined Christmas in Maui

**Quick Note about this post: I recorded it while making a smoothie, then transcribed it later! Super helpful to get my ideas out (I’m more of an out-loud verbal guy). And at the end, I offer the recipe I made

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My Current Routine and Habits (aka What Keeps Me Alive + Thriving, Feb. ’13 Edition)

  The daily routine. As a traveler, and with my environment constantly changing, I really like that I always have something to come back to, something to keep me grounded, and to keep me sane. If I didn’t do this

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Moments of the Week – #31

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A bunch of awesome moments from this week! Links to fun/cool stuff and recent photos…   My friend Liz is producing her solo show “Take Me to the Poorhouse” (I’ve seen excerpts and it’s AWESOME)—support her campaign on IndieGogo (only

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10 Songs That Can Get You MOVING! (works for me! :)

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Yeah, I like to dance.   In fact, I have a playlist on my iPod called Dance Party Mix—though I think it’d be great to bust this out at a party, it’s more for me: songs that I know get

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Help Bring Clean Water to Ethiopians with Nathan’s Water-riffic 32nd Birthday!

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Da na na na na na…. They say it’s your birthday! Yes, Paul—today, February 12th is my birthday. 32 cycles around the Sun. And this year, I’m celebrating a little differently.     I’m teaming up with charity: water and giving

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How I Took My Family to Maui for a Week for $573

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  This past Christmas, I spent a week on Maui with my family. This is remarkable for a few reasons: None of us had ever been to that island. My mom and brother had never been out to Hawaii, at

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The 4-Minute TED Talk That Helped Me Eat More Veggies

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Nathan loves his greens!

  These days, I really don’t eat much meat. According to my last Practice Reports (June and July 2012), I ate animal products only 2% and 9% of the time each month, respectively. That ain’t much at all. I calculated

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Moments of the Week – #30

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A bunch of awesome moments from this week! After a 7-week hiatus, we’re back to MOW—with a few tweaks! In addition to the photos, I’ll also be sharing links to fun stuff I’ve come across! :)   I TA’d a

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