Month: July 2011

“Healthy Ways for Awesome Days” Recipe Guide [FREE] + Nigel Video!

Healthy Ways for Awesome Days

Welcome to the Nonstop Awesomeness approach to having fun, being healthy, and quickly preparing quality meals!   Over the past nine months, I’ve been traveling full-time. One of the biggest parts of this lifestyle is how to stay healthy, which most definitely

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AH Part I: How to Hack Amtrak (Legally) and Immediately Save 76%

train savings chart

UPDATE: As of January 2016, Amtrak has changed their redemption program from region-based to distance-based. As such, the deal below no longer works as written. If nothing else, I hope it shows you some terrific short-distance lines available!   This

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QTw #27: Richard (Dick’s Kitchen) – Stone-Age Diner brings Nutrition to 21st Century Portland

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dick's burger

Welcome to episode #27 of Quality Time with…, where I genuinely connect with someone I’ve met, to get a glimpse into who they are, what they’re up to, and what they’re excited about! Today’s episode comes to you from Belmont

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What You Can Learn from Watching Me Fall 13,000 feet!

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  “I am so scared…and I’m still going to do this.”   That’s exactly what was going through my mind somewhere around 10,000 feet. This was one of the most terrifying things I had ever done. I was genuinely scared.

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Recipe Guide, Next Habit Challenge & Welcome Nigel Adams!

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green smoothie

Updates on projects below – and then check out the second video, where I introduce you to my British pal who’s gonna join the team here!   The Recipe Guide – will be published by August 2011. It will include:

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How to Beat the Snot out of a Cold When You’re Traveling

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Being sick is not fun. It’s about ten times less fun when you’re on vacation or traveling. This past week, I was sick for the first time since I left my “home” eight months ago. Not bad, considering I went

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Need Your Input for Healthy Travel Guides

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ny market

  I’m excited to create HEALTHY TRAVEL GUIDES for areas I’m visiting! Let’s see how we can be truly healthy in… New York Chicago Seattle Portland Los Angeles …and beyond! Of course there’s no limit to where I could take this

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Guidelines On Board (or, 11 Awesome Principles to Live By) + silly video!

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guidelines on board

Holy Wow – we’re already into the second half of 2011 – there’s lots to share, so let’s get right to all the latest developments!   First off – have you seen the NEW look and design of the website?

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