Recipe Guide, Next Habit Challenge & Welcome Nigel Adams!

Updates on projects below – and then check out the second video, where I introduce you to my British pal who’s gonna join the team here!


The Recipe Guide – will be published by August 2011. It will include:

  • Breakfast: fresh fruit & nuts
  • Lunch: salad
  • Dinner: vegetables
  • Drink: green smoothie
  • Snack: nuts, berries & spices
  • plus 2 bonus recipes!
The Positive Habit Challengebegins July 25, 2011.

More info and sign up for the Challenge!

(note: if you’re reading this on email or otherwise can’t see the videos, please click here.)


And a big WELCOME to the newest member of Nonstop Awesomeness… Nigel Adams!


The Klean Kanteen – no more loon calling!

Want to see an outtake from the video with Nigel? He get’s a little silly …


UPDATE: I just found out that there’s a current British politician with the same name! :-) Totally had no idea until after this was all posted. Just so everyone’s clear – this is in NO WAY a commentary or satire of him. Just some silly creation of my own mind.


What did you think of Nigel and of his note?

I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


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