Exercise Anywhere

“A strong body makes the mind strong.”

~ Thomas Jefferson


tree pull-upsWherever you are, there is always a way to get some movement into your life! It could be as simple as walking (super healthy, too!); be flexible (ha!), and get your body into motion!

Pick activities that don’t require a lot of space or equipment. It’s all about maintaining and sustaining your current condition.

You’re probably not looking to do an Ironman or pole vault on your trip (unless you are). :)


Oh – and be sure to make it fun!! :)



After my Morning Creativity Practice, I shoot for 20-30 minutes of light-to-moderate exercise before I head into Meditation.

Here are many of the exercises you can use (and I do) day after day, no matter where you are!


The Best Chair in the World (and a Stretch!): Easy, 10-15 minutes

from Mark Sisson (the beginning of the video includes his sprinting routine – also great to do!):

Mark is also one of my go-to sources for Nutrition!

Check out his site, Mark’s Daily Apple for lots more about nutrition and exercise, plus:

  • Sign up for his newsletters (super worth it!) to get a bunch of free workout and eating guides, including two reader-created cookbooks!!


Check out Mark’s book,

I learned TONS about eating, sleep, play (and more!) and how important it is to thriving!




Hip Mobility Warm-Up: Easy-to-Moderate, 15-20 minutes

from Steve Kamb and NerdFitness.com

This video is excerpted from the Nerd Fitness article, Get Off Your Ass: It Could Save Your Life!

Steve also has TONS more resources at his site:

  • How-to videos
  • Fitness, Strength, and Running Guides
  • The NerdFitness Community
  • PLUS – his amazingly, in-depth blog posts!



Joint Mobility for Restoration: Easy-to-Moderate, 15-20 minutes

from Mike Mahler

Check out more from Mike:

The Importance of Optimizing Hormones at the en*theos Academy



One More Awesome Hip Stretch: Advanced, 2-3 minutes

from Kelly Starrett and Mobility WOD

Kelly has his own “Paleo Chair” video: check it out here!



Whole-Body Energization Exercises! (as learned in Hawaii): Easy, 15-20 minutes

I learned this series of exercises at Polestar on the Big Island, and we practiced them every day at 6 AM! I still use this system often and it’s a great way to “wake up” in the morning.

If you’d like to learn more about these exercises and order supporting materials, check out the Ananda Community.


(One note: while I appreciate this video is online, I think the presentation is super lame. I think it makes you want to fall asleep—the complete opposite effect you’d like this to have!! Go grab a copy of MySpeed and watch this in half the time. Maybe someday I’ll do my own version; until then…stick it out and I think you’ll dig it! :)



Full Yoga Routine: Moderate, 20 minutes

Another favorite and easy way to stay flexible (double meaning alert!) on the road is yoga.

I was super uncomfortable going to a yoga class back in the day, so I found a DVD that told me how to do everything, and included a quick 20-minute routine. I knew I could handle fitting that into my schedule!

Three years later, I still bust this routine out—and it still gives me a workout!

Here’s a quick look at Yoga Journal’s Yoga Step-by-Step Session 1: Foundation Poses for Strength & Stamina:

Natasha Rizopoulos is an awesome instructor (learn more about her here), and if you’re feelin’ it, I recommend you ; plus there are two more levels to dive into!



Tai Chi Warm-ups: Easy, 15-20 minutes

The first time I learned Tai Chi was at a free class in Chicago, and then I learned more in Cottage Grove, OR. Totally enjoying this, and love how it is also a meditative practice!

There are TONS of warm-up videos you can find; I just thought it was awesome to see an older woman still rockin’ it! Age is just a number!!

A couple other video examples I enjoyed are and . Again, at some point, perhaps I’ll record the exercises I know! :)



The Perfect Push-Ups: Easy-to-Advanced, 10-15 minutes

I’m a big fan of push-ups: you can do them anywhere, you hardly need any space (if you can lie down, boom!), and there are so many options!

Before I set out to travel, I even attempted the 100 push-ups challenge. I started in August 2009 and could do 25 in a row; 12 months later, I got up to 75 in a row! And then Hawaii got in the way… :)

Check out the full article at The Art of Manliness for 35+ styles and variations. Here are a couple of my favorite:

Wide Grip Push-Up

Side-to-Side Push-Up



Master Your Balance

I picked up these three exercises from a friend in Portland; I use them occassionaly, and they definitely make me sweat! (full article here)



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