My ENTIRE Road trip back to LA!

I didn’t have much internet access along the way back to LA, so here are ALL SEVEN videos I took along my trip. It starts at the top with Day 1 in Seattle, and finishes at the bottom on Day 5 in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Plus – there are new pictures in the Photostream to the right – there’s a new gallery call .

Hope you enjoy it all – I certainly did!!! :)

And like I said in an earlier post – this blog/vlog/journal will keep going, so stay tuned! Thanks for all the support, and for watching.

Much love,

5/2 Journal – Day 1 – Seattle

  • I thought I packed everything – but it turns out I left a bag of sweaters somewhere – at least I won’t need those anytime soon during the summer in the Valley :)

5/3 Journal – Day 2 – Cape Perpetua, OR

  • The trail actually took me down all the way to where the 101 is (the road I showed you at the beginning) – it was definitely a tougher climb coming back up to the top :)
  • And I didn’t make it to the Dunes that day (was getting late), but it was an AWESOME way to start Day 3!

5/4 Journal – Day 3 – Oregon Dunes

  • For those who are interested, I took the John Dellenback trail, which is near Lakeside, OR – great access to the dunes!
  • And for the “Star Wars” fans, it kinda felt like I was on Tatooine – almost expected to see some Jawas

Redwoods Driving tour, Day 4:

  • This was shot on a small, coastal route off the 101 – no danger here, folks

5/5 Journal – Day 4 – Founders’ Grove Park, CA

  • #8 was, indeed, the Dyerville Giant – here’s a cool article to give you an idea of its size

Mendocino Stop, Day 4:

  • I had NO idea that you wouldn’t be able to hear what I was saying – though it was pretty windy :) I was basically talking about how cool it was that I was in a Redwoods park and on these bluffs all in the same day! What an amazing coast!

5/6 Journal – Day 5 – Sherman Oaks, CA


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