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Dry your hands with just ONE paper towel, every time

Ever since I saw this video back in September, I’ve remembered as often as I can whenever I’m at restaurants, the airport, or anywhere else with paper towels—and every time, my hands seem to be about 95% dry when I’m

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How to Rent Your Dream Room, Apartment or House (VIDEO: what I found in Bali)

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This past summer, I spent 6 weeks across 6 different countries in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Singapore. It has always been a region of the world that slightly made me nervous: completely different languages, customs, food,

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I’m Not Going to be Crushing, Killing, or Destroying this Epic Year

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  Am I the only one TIRED of all the hyperbole and hype online, particularly around business/success, and especially on Facebook? This guy is CRUSHING it. They are KILLING it right now. This is THE Biggest… You Won’t Believe What Happened

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How to Steer Clear of Germs on Your Travels

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OH GOD—GERMS!!! Ok, ok calm down… I’m not looking to turn you into Monk when it comes to being germ-free. A certain level of exposure is healthy, right? We could probably *all* (including me!) use a few pointers out there.

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What’s Healthy to Eat—in Israel?!?!

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No, I didn’t hop on a plane in the middle of the night (though the thought has tempted me a couple of times)… A couple months back, while I was busy getting Morgan Spurlock to tweet about the show, I

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Giveaway (and Review): Joby’s Flexible & Magnetic Tripod!

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A lightweight and adjustable tripod for your point-and-shoot camera—perfect for those of us on the go! :) That’s just kinda ridiculous, right?? And so… cool!! If you enjoy photography or videos and want to have a SUPER easy way to

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Start With Why—Here’s Mine…

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Want to know… WHY I’m living like a nomad? WHY I’ve chosen to be healthy on the road? and WHY I’m doing the work I am? You’re in luck. :)     As you can tell, there is a LOT

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How to Have an Awesome + Healthy Afternoon in San Diego!

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  On my final Sunday in San Diego, I took the day “off” from work and had a bit of an adventure! Here’s what I did, and what you could do, too. And yup, all this happened in just one

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Feel Good Fast Food in San Diego!

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Burger, Fries, & a Shake at evolution fast food!

  Last Friday, I was on a mid-afternoon break in Balboa Park. I had just spent a few hours at a Starbucks in the Hillcrest neighborhood, and walked down to the park for some sun and exercise. I jumped on

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“Do You Get Lonely On the Road?”

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Well, do I—punk? (check out my answer from the beach…)   My tools: Phone Skype (get unlimited landline/mobile calling in US/Canada for $2.99/month) Mastermind Groups Friends Family   Loneliness ebbs and flows; it’s a part of life. There’s no escaping

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