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How to Rent Your Dream Room, Apartment or House (VIDEO: what I found in Bali)

This past summer, I spent 6 weeks across 6 different countries in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Singapore. It has always been a region of the world that slightly made me nervous: completely different languages, customs, food,

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How to Keep Your Headphone Cords Untangled

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I’ve been using this trick for a couple years. Super simple—and I think just about anyone could use this. I also think I found the video I originally learned this from. Enjoy your hassle-free cord travels! I knew I wanted

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Housesitting in Vallejo and a Fear of Chickens

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Nathan Vallejo Housesit

I’ve been doing more housesitting recently and looks like I have another gig coming up. All this reminded me that I never posted this funny, early-morning video from back in June during a housesit in Vallejo, CA (NE of San

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2 Years of Travel, 23 States, and 3 Countries: Only $4000

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It’s tax time for this digital nomad, which means at least one thing: nerding out in Excel!! Yes, it’s that time of year when I get to play waist-deep in the program that become one of my best friends during

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How I Took My Family to Maui for a Week for $573

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  This past Christmas, I spent a week on Maui with my family. This is remarkable for a few reasons: None of us had ever been to that island. My mom and brother had never been out to Hawaii, at

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Two Years, 900 Days, $5 Flights, and Optimal Living Audits!

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Optimal Living Audits

[NOTE: the following post was written after a night of unusual slumber situations (nowhere to sleep part II) in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd, as I like to start each day with an hour of meaningful work

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Amazing Footage, Joby Winner, and Go to Hawaii Next Week!

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Footage from LFO

  What an awesome screenshot above from the footage we shot at LifeFood Organic! Seriously: I was looking at everything today and it looks AMAZING!!! Can not WAIT to get this edited together (professionally!) and out to all of you.

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Announcing the “Book a $5 Flight to Hawaii” Course!

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In less than an hour of your time, be on your way to a tropical vacation!   Sounds pretty awesome, right? Too good to be true? Nope. I’ve done this. Twice. In fact, I’m headed out there again this year

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Travel + Finance Update: July & August 2012

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  Where was I in July? Cottage Grove, OR: 7/1-7/4 (pic above is at Dorena Lake, OR) Portland, OR (WDS): 7/5-7/8 Crater Lake, OR: 7/9 Portland, OR: 7/10-7/12 Eugene, OR: 7/13-7/14 Ashland, OR: 7/15-7/16 Santa Cruz, CA: 7/17 Los Angeles,

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Travel + Finance Update: June + July 2012

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  Where was I in June? Seattle, WA: 6/1-6/11 White Salmon, WA: 6/12-6/13 Cottage Grove, OR: 6/14-6/30   TRAVEL Trip costs (for June): $158.00 Hawaiian Airline Fees: $158.00 Hacking Actions Used: Amtrak vouchers for tickets to White Salmon, WA and

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