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How I Took My Family to Maui for a Week for $573

  This past Christmas, I spent a week on Maui with my family. This is remarkable for a few reasons: None of us had ever been to that island. My mom and brother had never been out to Hawaii, at

Why to Take an Offline, Off-Road Trip This Summer (+ 200th Post Round-up!)

  Are you taking enough time to recover and recharge? Regular recovery, on the micro-, mid-, and macro-levels, can often do the work of psychiatric medicine, only naturally. ~ Tal Ben-Shahar, The Pursuit of Perfect   I talked about this last year

Inside Look: How + What to Journal in the Morning

Journaling. It’s so awesome and something that totally helps me slow down my brain as I get words down on paper. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to remind me of who I am and what I’m seeking in life.  

My eGuide is Here…

We have officially launched! Upgrade Your Awesomeness: Lose the Baggage, Fly for Peanuts, & Create a First Class Life My FREE eGuide is now available – click the cover below for more. Lots of work went into it – by

Quality Time with… Lisa, Ep. #6

if you don’t see any videos, please click on the post title to be taken to the full view Today – a wonderful & fun conversation with Lisa on the sands of Hanalei Bay! We chat about consciously creating one’s