Hack with Nathan

We can work together to make your dreams of travel hacking a reality.


Are you excited by the prospect of flying for free, of hanging out in those fancy airport lounges, of traveling first class – and still feel overwhelmed with all the details, or feel like “where do I begin?”

What I can offer:

  • We will talk about your travel goals and develop a clear road map
  • You will have manageable and simple actions to complete to support the pursuit
  • I will share what I’ve learned: tips, tricks, suggestions
  • I will be available to answer questions as they come up
  • I guarantee that by becoming a Travel Hacker, you will save at least 50-75% in travel costs, if not 100%

This is not impossible work. You can, of course, do all this on your own. But will you? We all lead busy lives, and few of us are looking for another hobby. I’m here to work with you to make this practical within your life and to see that you’re actually making forward progress.

PLUS – I’ll share what I use as my primary travel hacking tool (and what led me to my $5 flight)!


How we can work together:

Conveniently and securely pay via Paypal right now. Once payment is received, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule the first appointment. Learn more about each program below.

Travel for Free Consulting

Only 10 spots available
for one-on-one work each month.


More on the packages:

One 30-minute session, $30

  • Brainstorm your plan of attack
  • Receive tips and suggestions
  • Get answers to your questions
  • For you if: you just need a push in the right direction – you’re ready to do the rest on your own

Three 30-minute sessions (90 minutes), $80

  • Includes everything from above
  • PLUS:
    • Email support between sessions
    • Manageable actions items
  • For you if:
    • You have 1-2 travel goals per year
    • You’re looking to save potentially hundreds of dollars in travel costs

Six 30-minute sessions (180 minutes), $145

  • Includes everything from the 3-session package
  • For you if:
    • You have ambitious travel goals
    • 3-4 trips per year and/or large goals (long-haul international flights, Round-the-World Tickets)
    • You’re looking to save potentially thousands of dollars in travel costs
For the 3 and 6 session packages, if you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first session, I will refund your money, 100%.
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