Healthy Living Guides

Have you ever been in a city and wished you knew where to go for…

  • fresh and organic food?

  • a drop-in yoga class?

  • meditation sessions and massages?


Maybe you’re vegan or gluten-free, maybe you like to run through parks, or maybe you like checking out museums – if any or all of those are your pleasures, now you CAN find all of that + more in one spot!


Announcing the “Healthy Living” guide series!

Whether you’re just visiting or you live in one of these cities, these guides can help you find a healthier experience!


Now Available (click to purchase):

Healthy Living: SEATTLE
“Healthy Living: SEATTLE”

We all know Seattle is famous for rain and coffee
now see what else is there!

**Featuring 70+ listings!

Over 40 restaurants!
Over 25 cultural spots!
Over 20 parks and other activities!
PLUS a handful of meditation and massage centers!





“Healthy Living: PORTLAND”

We all know Portland is famous for donuts and beer
now see what else is there!

**Featuring 80+ listings!

Over 50 restaurants!
Over 20 parks and other activities!
Over 15 cultural spots!
More than a dozen meditation and massage centers!




The research has been done – someone else has pounded the pavement so you don’t have to!

The guides are completely electronic (PDF), are easy to read and use, and have been broken down into four categories:

Eat, Play, Relax, and Learn!


What’s in the Guide:


  • Organic foods
  • Places using local farmers
  • Gluten-free and Dairy-free
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and raw
  • Sustainable practices
  • Grocery stores that offer local and high quality foods
  • I’m also a sucker for pizza and mexican food, so I look for the healthiest versions of those, too!

  • Parks where you can escape from the city, take in the views, and get some exercise
  • Drop-in and donation-based yoga classes
  • Local spots around the city for activity
  • Areas to bike, kayak, climb – whatever’s available




  • Free meditation sessions and classes
  • Super cheap + super awesome student massages

  • Museums and galleries and when they are free to visit
  • Conversation series and talks – listen and become involved
  • Theatre, Ballet, and the Symphony 
PLUS, find information on connecting with local news, events, and music, as well as any pertinent info on public transportation.

**Every place in the guide is somewhere I would go (and many I’ve been to)!


What you’ll get:

  • PDF of the “Healthy Living” guide (delivered electronically after purchase), which includes:
    • 10+ pages of compiled and organized research
    • Listings with websites and contact information
    • Links to interviews I’ve conducted with owners + other cool people
    • Access to an interactive Google map with all these spots identified
  • Updates to the guide for LIFE – anytime I publish a new version, you’ll be notified by email to download your copy


Other Perks:

  • Be a part of expanding and improving the guide – make it the resource YOU want!
  • Enjoy your trip even more by finding the places that are important to YOU
  • Opportunity to discover places (outside of the hotel gym + restaurant)
  • One less thing to think about – all the work has been done for you
  • A way to keep you at, and able to deliver, 100% every day!


GIVING BACK to Local Charities:

Starting in 2012, 20% of ALL sales will be donated to charities around the world! Would you like to get involved and earn money at the same time? Learn more + partner up here! 


Why buy these guides instead of Let’s Go, Lonely Planet or Fodor’s?

Instead of 200-400 pages, with more information than you’ll need for any one trip, you get a breezy 15-20 PDF pages. (and unlike their paper counterparts, the Healthy Living guides pack away quickly and easily!)

Instead of giving you everything in these cities, the Healthy Living guides are focused on specific activities, organizations, and values – no endless searching and reading!

Each year, those guides come out with a new version, meaning your copy might be out of date – with the Healthy Living guides, you get lifetime updates at no cost!


-Only $29 per guide-

Healthy Living:

Healthy Living: SEATTLE

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Healthy Living: PORTLAND

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Healthy Living: SEATTLE

Healthy Living: PORTLAND


Other guides in the works: Vancouver, BC; Chicago; New York; San Francisco; and Los Angeles!

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