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Nathan brings enthusiasm, inspiration, humor, and practical tools.

Speaking about Healthy Travel

He’s available for speaking engagements, workshops (or rather, FUNshops!), panels, or Q&A.

He travels full-time, so if he’s not already in your area, he can be!


Current Speaking Engagements:

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“Your talks were the ones I was looking forward to most at this conference. You shared exactly what I needed to hear. The one-minute of quiet reminded me to bring this back into my life….Your four points encompass everything we need to be healthy, whether we’re at home or traveling, and it was all presented in a way that wasn’t preachy and was accessible to anyone.”       ~ Jenn B.


“The information and concept of eating a quality diet, getting exercise (in some format), stretching, meditating, etc. all contribute to a better feeling whether traveling or otherwise. The biggest take away for me would be the meditation. I am going to find time for this on a regular basis and to incorporate this into my own lifestyle. I think it’s important for everyone to find that space to free their thoughts. Thanks again!”     ~ Chris P.


Choose from two great programs!


#1) Traveling can be more than just getting things done and feeling fine…

Imagine being out there, amazingly productive and feeling absolutely energized and excited! You might even be healthier out on the road than you are at home! :)

It’s totally possible.

Nonstop Awesomeness:

How to Look, Feel + BE Healthy As You Travel


Do your business trips or vacations leave you feeling like you need another trip, just to recover?

Do you get sick traveling, or just feel “off?”

Would you like to keep up your healthy routines and yet don’t know how it’s possible when on the road?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, know that there is a solution!


What if anywhere you go, you have the energy you need, and can be as powerful, positive, and productive as you want? This kind of experience is possible.

Learn the 4 keys to living healthier as you travel, whether it’s across town or across the country!

What are the practices and resources that will maintain, sustain, engage and inspire you to be at and to deliver 100%?


Why this is important:

  • Traveling can be stressful on many levels – it’s easy to feel off your game, tired, drained and bored
  • If you’re not feeling 100% and want to leave, how effective will your work be?


Benefits of traveling this way:

  • Increased productivity and energy
  • Improved mood
  • Confident in your work
  • Opportunity to discover awesome places
  • Living this way can provide increased energy, more productivity + focus, and more confident in your work


60 minutes – presentation, worksheets and time for Q&A. There may even be dancing. :)

You’ll leave this experience excited about your next trip!

Perfect for businesses and organizations: can easily be done during the lunch hour.

To get started, and to figure out how this talk can best serve your group, .


#2) Instead of spending five years saving for your next trip, what if it only took five months…

Travel Hacking:

See the World for a Fraction of the Cost


Want to travel more and spend less? Learn how to book trips for little-to-no money!

Take a $5 flight to Hawaii or a free first-class train ride – it’s all available IF you know where to look!

  • Find out how to play the game and win outrageous deals – again and again!
  • Discover the insider tips that keep regular travelers (like Nathan) on the move without draining the bank!


There’s a whole WORLD of possibilities out there – literally!

The question is no longer “where do you want to go?” — now it’s “where do you want to go FIRST?” :)

60 minutes – Presentation and Q&A.

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