Below is the latest video journal, followed by Part I (of an undetermined number of parts) of “Better Know a Paradise Lost-er.” First up: local Seattle favorite – actor Brandon Whitehead!

2/25 Journal:

  • Isn’t it cool how there are so many fun things to do in one place (Intiman, Seattle Rep, Ballet, Space Needle, concerts)? All within walking distance – just awesome!
  • Glengarry Glen Ross was a fun show – full of some wonderful Seattle actors. And the set and lighting designs were just amazing!
  • And no idea why I forgot that the theatre is pronounced Inti-MAHN :)

Part I with Brandon Whitehead

Brandon is also a grad of UMass Amherst! Thanks to him for kicking this off! I can’t wait to highlight all the other fantastic people working on this show!


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