Previews continue & more Paradise Lost-ers!

Opening is ALMOST here! :)

A quick video backstage (actually, outside) before Act III during Preview #5 (not #4 as I mention in the video – it’s really easy to lose track of days during this… :)

I was also able to grab Eric (from LA via Texas) & Tim (from Seattle via Iowa) for a few questions (see below)!

And some more fun around the theatre – here’s what a lot of our downtime looks like…

And here’s Tim’s post-show hair, courtesy of the products he’s using to get that “1930’s” look (and it’s working!). I’m very lucky that I don’t have to use ANYTHING in my hair – more pictures later on why… :)


Eric Pargac (“Julie Gordon”):

Tim Gouran (“Kewpie”):

By the way – I LOVE how that woman (who’s part of the costume team) starts talking to Tim during this – so funny! (And it’s a good thing I’ve dropped that whole perfectionist thing, right? :)

And yes – I really should have asked him about his tattoos – between him and Shawn Law (see Lost-er Part II), they have quite a few – perhaps a later episode…


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