Two more Paradise Lost-ers, Costumes & the 3-Week Mark

Lots happening: dinner out with the cast & crew, another night of stand-up, a piano concerto at the Seattle Symphony, and full runs of the show during rehearsal!

A screen grab of my recent stand-up at an open mic:

And check the Photostream (at right) for shots from the cast dinner & the Symphony!

The theatre is about to own my life for the next 2 weeks (previews start Friday!!), so I wanted to get this post out – I hope you enjoy it all: a re-cap of rehearsal on Saturday, a quick visit to the Costume shop, and two more wonderful actors in the show – Michael Mantell (from LA – he plays Leo) and Marty Mukhalian (from Seattle – she plays Mrs. Katz).


(When my mental faculties restored, I realize that it has only been THREE weeks that I’ve been in Seattle – unbelievable at how much the cast (and I) have gotten done – so we’re not even CLOSE to half over! :)

Costume Visit (fyi – Leah is the Costume Designer for our show.):

Michael Mantell:

Marty Mukhalian: