Packing in all I can during the last days!

My time in Seattle (for now) is almost at a close, but not before I have more fun! On Thursday, I went down to Sweet Iron Waffles for their gourmet fare – I totally recommend checking it out if you’re in the downtown area – good stuff! Then I went to the beautiful downtown library to try out this 80/20 exercise I thought about (see video below). I think it went pretty well – I certainly learned a bunch. I’m planning to continue this in LA – I think it would be cool if this could be the new “thing” – go to the library with some friends, plow through a bunch of books for the main ideas, and then discuss what we’ve learned. That’s a win-win! :)

Ah, and I finally climbed Pinnacle – the 65′ Rock Wall at REI! I said I was going to, and I did. It was pretty challenging – I didn’t know if I was going to make it to the top, but I was able to get there. :) I only lost my grip once and “fell,” but since I’m harnessed, I didn’t go anywhere. I posted videos both before & after, and as you’ll see below, I was pretty tired when I finished – but boy, it was worth it!

I was also able to meet up again with my buddy Tanner, and then there was a big goodbye dinner for me & Ben Secord (who’s moving to D.C. – good luck Ben!) at Bill & Julie’s (check the Photostream for pics). It was a pretty amazing night, and even made an appearance – he improvised a song about my stay here! Apparently, I’ll be putting him up rent free if he ever needs to stay in LA :)

There’s also photos from the wrap-up of the show in the Photostream to the right. But here’s a couple to enjoy:

80/20 Experiment (as learned from The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch):