The Ashland Road Trip, Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of the Ashland road trip: time at the lake, hiking & dancing! Let’s get right to it!

Day #2 – on the lake with Robert, Caitlin & Jess

a very happy Caitlin on the way to the lake on her day off!
yes, that sign says “Dead Indian Memorial Rd” – I wonder if “Memorial” was added later?
Not a bad little area at all
Look, folks – it takes hard work to stay this white. I’m not kidding.
Ah, the lake
Capt. Robert

More on the Lake – with the party boat the rest of the crew used. Lots of diving off the top deck – many of the dancers were pretty amazing with what they could do. I did jump, but only managed to scream like a girl and do a quasi-belly flop. Yeah, don’t think I’m really cut out for acrobatics.

You’ll hear in the video that I ask for the name of the lake again – wonder why I can’t seem to remember that… :-)

No, not taking this photo from the water – I’m on the party boat now!
A fun night back at Martino’s with many new friends!

Morning Hike in Lithia Park

Came across this awesome rock garden – some of the pieces here were just astounding!
Talk about having diligence, patience & persistence!
Sweet view from high up in Lithia Park. Southern Oregon is pretty beautiful.

Dance Kaleidoscope in action for the Green Show!

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