The Ashland Road Trip, Part 3

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Well here’s the final installment of the great Nathan/Robert road-trip to Ashland!

Lots of stuff in this final part: interviews with wildlife, my hiking expedition up and around Pilot Rock, and just a few comments on what turned out to be an intense drive home. And a bunch of photos follow the videos.

It was an amazing trip and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to go: saw 4 shows (for FREE), met lots of cool people (for FREE), walked around, hung out at a lake, and just really relaxed. Glad I had the chance to do that before I got back to LA and really kicked things into high gear towards my next big project (that being the whole life-change thing coming up in November and beyond in 2011…).

First vid – Ok, I’m not kidding – these deer were everywhere. And always in this person’s front yard, too – I wonder if they just gave up chasing them off…

#2 – I made it to a comfortable stopping point on Pilot Rock. I can’t think of the last time I climbed this high – and it wasn’t easy. Many times I had to be really careful about where I was stepping next so I didn’t go sliding off the mountain. And when I was sitting way up on the edge, I started to think, “what if this whole side just breaks away….” Irrational? Possibly. But either way, I made my way towards more secure ground quickly.

#3 – A quick glimpse into how I got over to the side of the Rock I was sitting on. Talk about a rush going across. And going down involved LOTS of baby steps…and sliding. And now I know – my Sean Connery impression – not the greatest :-)

#4 – I was really impressed with Caitlin & Robert making it to the top. I probably could have done it, but looking up and seeing what I did accomplish, I had no regrets. I was happy with the day. Not to mention, absolutely exhausted when we got home. It was probably a 3-hour hike. Just a bit different from the little walking I’ve been doing in LA…

#5 – Well, the trip has come to an end and we’re back on the road, but not without a few unexpected events. Unbelievably, we still made it home in about 10.5 hours. I thought driving to Ashland in one day was insane, but it’s really not that bad if you just make quick stops. Definitely doable.

(click on any of the photos for larger versions)

Yup, just your regular backyard animals…
Same dancers, new costumes! :-)

Caitlin, Robert & I in the outdoor theatre before “Henry IV, pt. 1”

En route to Pilot Rock, we took a few detours. At least this one had some wild turkeys on it…

On my travels around the rock, came across this sign – very cool

Not a bad view from up here

A bit worried with my camera up here, but it was worth it!

Just amazing how high I was and how far I could see

View up to the summit – looks just crazy

Robert & I – let’s just call this the summit (looks like it could be, right?)

those love birds…

hey, who took this candid photo – oh wait – me! :-)

sadly, not a tan line – you get a little dirty while hikin’
the Brel program was so cool!

the outdoor theatre – beginning of “Merchant of Venice”

we spent most of our nights at this restaurant, and conveniently, it’s right on the campus of OSF!
the housemates for 5 days: me, Mariel, Caitlin & Robert