So now I live in Hawaii… :-)

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This is the life I guess I’ve embarked on – that wherever I am, that’s where I’m living! Pretty cool. And just a bit insane, even to me.

I can’t escape the feeling that I’m on vacation – this is such a different (and really, foreign) environment to me that it all doesn’t seem real – or that it’s going to end after a couple weeks. I think with “vacation,” the connotation is also that the experience is a finite amount of time and that I’m avoiding responsibilities (or putting them on hold until I “get back”).

But that’s the crazy part: I’m hoping to create a life that integrates this permanent traveling lifestyle with my responsibilities and the work I am here to do.

 something about this seems absolutely right

Very excited about the people I’m meeting here and the practices in my life that I’ll be deepening. Spirituality is still a new concept to me (relatively speaking), but I firmly believe that it’s gotten me to this point – to living in Hawaii and connecting on a powerful level with myself and those around me.

I’ve also begun reading Chris Guillebeau’s book (based on the writings from his site). I’ve been a fan of Chris’ for over a year now – the first time I visited AONC, I spent 4 hours reading his posts, learning so much about his main philosophy:

You don’t have to live the life that other people expect you to.

This was such a huge concept for me (and I suspect, many other people) – this idea that we ARE worth and deserve whatever (crazy & awesome & fun) life we want to have. This book has been an excellent read thus far and I highly encourage you to check it out, even if you’re familiar with Chris’ writings. (absolutely no affiliate link with the book – i just support chris’ mission!)

onto the media!

a quick hello as i depart my life in los angeles:

a few photos from my first days here:

Robert & the chickens
after swimming in the naturally warm (thanks to a volcano) pond
fresh papayas right outside the front door
and avocados at every meal!

view from Kohala Mtn of the northern coast
i’m sure we looked funny to him, too. notice the tree leaning to one side – that’s from the wind!
(more on that in another post)

yup, this place is a rain forest all right – pretty beautiful!
i may look goofy, but that hat & jacket were absolutely godsends. this world traveler stuff can be brutal. but i heard a great saying: “there’s no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing”

hawaii: home of the original double rainbow!