The Galloping Gourmet is Safe…

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I’m getting more clarity these days on what my skills are, and conversely, what they aren’t, and being cool with both. With no judgment, it’s fine to know that I’m not going to be the world’s greatest auto mechanic. I could certainly increase my knowledge of that topic and even devote time to working on cars, but it’s just not one of my innate abilities. Like I said, that’s cool – no worries.

These days, I’m more interested in focusing on what I’m naturally amazing at – what puts me in “the zone,” when I lose track of time and am having a ball. You know that feeling? When you’ve been working on something for a while, you check the clock, are shocked to discover it’s been four hours, and then think that you could continue working for another four hours without a break? That’s the zone I’m talking about! That’s the arena I choose to play in more and more each day, where what I’m doing is what I love to do, and I have the potential to be the best in the world at it. Working in this Zone on a daily basis can also help us tap into what we are truly here to do; our “purpose,” if you will.

Think about any really successful people, whether they are musicians, lawyers, designers, athletes, or engineers. I would bet pretty strongly that those people are working in their Zone!

If you’re interested in taking The Big Leap into your Zone of Genius, I highly recommend checking out this book by Gay Hendricks.

And for a laugh today (at my expense), here’s an example of me outside of my Zone, and how I think we can still have fun in those times.

In case you’re curious, that’s Sensophy Studios behind me. A little behind-the-scenes action, right? :-)

And for more on the title of this post, you can watch Graham in one of his …

Stay Awesome!