Quality Time with… Ilana, Ep. #12

IlanaToday I chat with a fellow traveler and someone else bitten by the learning-bug: Ilana Fayerman.

I met Ilana where many people congregate in Manhattan: at the theatre. We were both waiting for friends associated with the play we had just seen and I struck up a conversation; I think we talked nonstop for an hour, about where we’d been, what we’re up to, and what we’re excited about – it was fantastic!

She’s such a vibrant, smart, and funny individual, and I am thrilled I had the chance to meet her. Luckily, we were able to find another time to sync up and have this chat!

What we talked about:

  • the excitement behind non-fiction stories
  • how small the world’s getting and connecting with anyone
  • her daily Jeopardy ritual
  • the power of deliberate and slow speech


More on Ilana you might dig:

  • IlanaFayerman.com: learn more about what she does and even see clips of her in action, including an interview with Desmond Tutu – sweet! :-)
  • Watson on Jeopardy: you can read all about Watson here, and you can even watch a short video .


What’s your takeaway from the chat with Ilana?

I’d love to hear your answer and any other comments you have.

Until next time,