Moments of the Week – #2

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? send in a photo/caption to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


Strawberries marinating in Kombucha at !


My friend Stephanie performing with her band at an Irish Pub on Cinco De Mayo in the French Quarter! :)


An awesome veggie meal at the restaurant 13 on Frenchman Street in New Orleans!


This was hanging in the kitchen of the place I stayed – ha!! :)


One of my salad creations: really digging the mustard as a dressing!


On my walks through Algiers (right across the Mississippi River from New Orleans), one of the homes I pass – very cool!


Also on Algiers: the gas station from another era!


from Cafe Reconcile (employs at-risk youths and teaches them the food service industry) in NOLA: collard greens, shrimp and okra, and sauteed veggies!


OK, totally not Paleo and full of sugar, but this bread pudding at Cafe Reconcile was worth it! Now I need to find a good recipe that aligns with how I eat!! :)


The day Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) passed away, I spotted this outside a bar on Magazine Street. Awesome.


A quick stop in Houston en route to El Paso, TX!


An “aerial” shot of my sleeper car aboard Amtrak! I had to hold the camera to the ceiling just to get a good pic – you can even see my feet!


Somewhere in Texas: lots of Pecan orchards!


The train provides such awesome access to absolutely beautiful country!


Manuelito, who I met in Juarez and who I spoke broken Spanish to all day. Very fun to hang out with him!


Why yes, that is a Mexican Army soldier with a gun on a horse behind me! :)


Thought these vehicles were so cool – spotted them in the part in Juarez. This trio was going by so fast I had no idea how the picture turned out – awesome to see the kid staring right at us!


From downtown El Paso – even though it’s a statue, that bird likes to take risks!



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