Moments of the Week – #3

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? send in a photo/caption to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


View from theRailRunner station south of Santa Fe, looking north. I love this shot and feel like it is just one of those “all I had to do is show up and click the button.” :)


Awesome paper-mache art in the office/gallery of Cafe Pasqual.


Not just a cool decoration, these red chiles are hanging all over Santa Fe and can be used in cooking! These are hanging at the New Mexico Museum of Art.


Not often you get a behind-the-scenes look at a gallery exhibit – so cool!! I caught this at the New Mexico Museum of History, and then two days later, went back for the opening! :)


SUPER fancy dinner at Il Piatto – thanks to my couchsurfing host Corinne who had quite a few gift certificates! ;)


 One of the MANY galleries (there’s 300 in Santa Fe) – this one is on East Palace.


Went to the Atomic Cafe to do some work. I asked the waiter where there were outlets and he said, “Take Obama.” All the tables are covered with different faces.


The first meal I cooked in Santa Fe (thanks to Whole Foods!): boiled beet greens (the stalks!) with cardamom and black pepper, and a steamed and mashed sweet potato with garlic, cinnamon and red pepper


Right outside the Palace of the Governors – all Native Americans must be registered to sell here.


Awesome exhibit at the Museum of History – you think these are just squares, and then the shadow reveals all! Each one was done using an actual person’s silhouette!


A gallery space along Canyon Road.


 Artsy bull on the famous Canyon Road. There’s gotta be at least 50 galleries on this street.


One SMALL piece of an AMAZING exhibit at the International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe. One word: GO!!! :)


Enjoying my bouncy-ball “desk chair” at one of the Couchsurfing places I stayed.


Enjoying a late afternoon stroll in the RailYard. Notice the shadow in the center: you can see exactly what I’m doing. :) [side note: SO easy to walk around downtown Santa Fe!]


With some traditional architecture outside the New Mexico Museum of Art – this was built in 1917! [side note: NM  is celebrating their 100 years of statehood in 2012!]


Morning walk with JC and the dogs…. He said that at times, he has up to eight dogs join for the walk. Technically, they only “own” two, but many just hang out at their house.


 The powerful Santa Fe River! ;)