Moments of the Week – #11

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


what a crazy (AMAZING!) week in Oregon with WDS, Crater Lake, Habitat for Humanity, and Eugene – here we go!


Organized a “Healthy Eats” lunch meetup prior to the conference at Dick’s Kitchen in NW Portland. I grabbed the portabello “burger” on a lettuce wrap with a couple amazing sides!


Opening night of the World Domination Summit, complete with sumo wrestling, a jazz marching band, food trucks…


and my buddy Mike (on the mat), offering free yoga to the masses. Seriously, I had no idea you could use your body like this to work on someone else’s body—very cool!! Clearly, others were amazed, too. ;)


Kind of amazing to believe this is only year 2 and the production value has easily more than doubled. That was a solid wood, rotating (!) globe onstage. Many times I felt like I was watching a TED talk, that’s how professional and awesome everything looked and felt (and the content matched, too). 


Only in Portland can you ride a bike, drink a beer, take a tour, have a party, and wear a paper crown all at the same time!


My pal Jodi enjoying her tomato salad at Paragon. Cool dining moment: I think everyone (with no prompting) took out their cameras to photograph their meals—ha! :)


Goin’ camping—and here’s the food I’m taking! Bananas, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, celery, avocados, apples, and broccoli! Take that franks and beans. ;)


On a back road highway, midday in Oregon…


First views of Crater Lake. I think the water is bluer than I remember. So unbelievably beautiful.


At sunset, Cory and I climbed onto somewhere we weren’t supposed to for better views of the Lake. For some place “forbidden,” they certainly make it pretty easy to scale. Totally worth it…


At dawn the next morning: this is the “photoshop mirror-effect” I remember. Can I just say, “WOW!!!!”


And yes, even in mid-July, there’s still plenty of snow around. In fact, half of the lake (and hiking trails) were still closed due to snow!


Here’s the sweet ride that took Cory, Dave, and I on an amazing two-day road trip! Pretty great way to spend the days…


Did you spot our friend peeking out from over the top of the stump? :)


A couple lizards scurrying about as we hiked.


Last time I was here, I had no idea you could actually get down to the Lake surface—pretty amazing from this vantage point!


And of COURSE I had to get my meditation on!!! Super fun to be in this environment… and to work up the courage to jump in (see next shot)! :)


My buddy Cory taking the 25 foot plunge! He was such a champ going over—I screamed (yelled?) like a little boy. One of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken!


After all three of us (Dave, me, and Cory) had taken the dive—it was so utterly terrifying. I kinda can’t believe I did it. But I did!! (yay us! :)


On my suggestion, Cory enjoying an avocado, “sno-cone” style! awesome!!


And since we had time, we decided to pay the Pacific Ocean a visit, too!


A handful of World Dominators put down their laptops for the day, donned hard hats, and dove into hammering, carrying, sawing, and sweating for Habitat for Humanity!


No, I have no idea what I’m doing, or even what to use those items for. But I will say that the towel idea to protect our neck and ears was genius (good call, Kamb)!


I’m going to guess this is not the typical lunch on a construction site—and I loved every bite! :)


After a long, hard day, here’s part of our crew dominating the street. Just felt like a very “cool” shot, especially with my boy Jacob gettin’ his swagger on dead-center. ;)


After an afternoon walk in the Pearl district, I stumbled onto the Sundown at Ecotrust Concert! Wandered through the vendors, won some cherries from Whole Foods (thanks to my pocket version of the ANDI chart!), and had a great conversation with Dr. Melissa Barry from Missionary Chocolates (quickly: the Mission of the company is to build an inpatient, integrative healing center in Portland, funded by chocolate—WOW!). (And she sent me off with samples!! :)


First night in Eugene, and I wanted sushi! Went to Pure at the 5th Street Market and had some excellent sashimi dishes, including the volcano drop. Bonus: no rice or noodles here!


Ok, this is a bit off my normal eating path, and it was so worth it! I was taken to Vanilla Jill’s, a spot that uses tons of local ingredients and is very health-conscious! This is the gluten-free buckwheat cinnamon waffle with sesame seed-covered dates in the batter, mangoes, walnuts, raw honey, and coconut-lime creme (dairy free). This was (clearly) amazing! And yes, I shared. :)





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