Moments of the Week – #22

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


From San Diego to Costa Mesa to Huntington Beach and back to Los Angeles—here we go!

Back in Santa Fe?!?! Nope. Just the name of the station in downtown San Diego. Pretty awesome sky, right?? :)


Dinner with my hosts in Costa Mesa: grilled salmon with homemade guacamole, eaten outdoors at sunset!


And what meal is complete without a creative concoction by the kids?! (Didn’t actually eat this, but couldn’t resist taking a photo. The girls are very into Halloween—it’s their major holiday. :)


Perhaps for the first time ever (even though I lived in LA for 11 years), I spent the morning at Huntington Beach and took in the volleyball culture.

Growing up in rural Massachusetts, I just can’t imagine what it would be like to be out here every day or weekend, surfing and playing volleyball… and by the way: that’s my host Greg getting some serious air!!! :)


Emily taking a break for a snack. (With my help, she eventually got into her pureed squash. :)


Maybe the smoothie I made spurred them on, but the girls went on a creative rampage with the blender, not drinking anything themselves, but making their dad and I the taste-testers. Some good, some… interesting. ;)


And here’s another one of my morning drinks during my time with the Young and Raw folks—I think this is the darkest smoothie I ever made, it was seriously like black sludge. Haha… I’ll attribute it to the blackberries, chlorella, and spirulina I used. Tasted great, just not pretty to look at! :)


Staying at a guest house in LA, and here’s my very own kitchen (first time in a while!). Definitely reminds me of the guest house I lived in (my last place of residence two years ago)! With no stove/hot plate, blender, or food processor, I’m gettin’ pretty creative in here—and eating lots of raw foods!


Here’s one of my salad creations: one heart of romaine, red onion, micro green, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, avocado, and some gazpacho soup (from Trader Joe’s) to add a bit of kick and dressing to it all—pretty awesome!! :)


And based on the recommendation of smoothie connoisseur Caleb, I checked out Erewhon Market’s Tonic Bar. Now while I recognized most of the ingredients on the menu, it still took me about 10 minutes to make a decision (finally went with the Super Antioxidant “Ice Creme”). It was kinda daunting, I’ll admit… :)

I had never been in this store—LOTS of great, healthy items in there, and right next to The Grove/3rd & Fairfax/The Farmer’s Market! :)


See ya next week from somewhere else in the world!