Travel Hacking: Learn How

travel the world

My one-way ticket to Hawaii = $5.

My last six flights = $22.50.

My cross-country first-class train ride  = $0.


No tricks. No magic. I’m not rich.

Guess what? You can do this too.


Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, work, vacation, or escape, traveling can really be awesome.

Now, what isn’t awesome is how much it costs – that part can really keep us from going where we want when we want!

That’s where Travel Hacking comes in. This is totally legal and legit – it’s just a system that a) most people don’t know about, and b) don’t really know how to use. You’re going to be one of the people who knows.

I want to show you HOW to do this and support you in pursuit of your travel goals. Whether you’re taking one domestic flight each year or have plans to travel the world, it’s time to start building those dreams!


TravHack 101

Let’s get started hacking today!

If you’d like to learn in 30 minutes what I’ve been studying for the last two years

If you’d like to have this all succinctly and easily explained for you…

If you’d like to save 75, 80 or 100% on traveling…

If you’d like to see how this approach to travel is truly possible for YOU…


I guarantee that you can use the information in TravHack101 to get at least one free plane ticket ($300+) each year.

only $17

Estimated Value: $75+
(and think of the time and money you’ll save!)

100% Money-Back Guarantee: I want you to be excited about all of this. If after listening to everything, you feel you won’t save either time or money based on any of the information you’ve heard, let me know and I will refund your cost 100% and you can keep the downloads. I believe in this system, and I believe it can help you.


Here’s what’s included in the package:

  • 35 MINUTE AUDIO MP3 on Travel Hacking
    • Have terms and jargon defined
    • The importance of loyalty programs and airline partnerships
    • Strategy on how to plan your next trip
    • Active vs. Passive ways to earn points (that is, paying vs. not paying)
    • Figuring out the value of points and when to use them
    • Credit Cards and how they factor into this
    • PLUS – here how I earned 60,000 points by making purchases yet not spending any money!
    • Q&A: over 15 minutes of audio MP3 from a travel hacking teleseminar  (over 100 people registered)
      • Hear responses to:
        • How long does this take?
        • Which programs should I join?
        • What about identity and credit security?
        • What kind of work can I do while traveling?
        • And others!
    • Travel Hacking Spreadsheet
      • Based on an original design by Chris Guillebeau and tweaked by me, this is a copy of the sheet I use to track where I’ve gone, what my plans are, how many points I have, and all my loyalty numbers.


Who is this for?

  • You’ve never heard of travel hacking or are unclear on how it all works
  • You want to reach travel goals sooner rather than later
  • You’re tired of paying full price

Who is this not for?

  • You’ve been studying travel hacking, have been using this method, and feel comfortable with it all
  • You have no interest in changing how you book travel
  • You’d rather pay full price



How others have used TravHack 101…


Nathan’s travel hacking methods have gotten me free first class tickets across the country!! But that’s just the beginning… using his techniques, I’ve just scored enough points to take me across the world! Nathan’s introduced me to a new world of free travel where a little work will take me a LOOONG way. Sleep on the plane, not on this offer! 

~Jacob S.
Queens, NY


“Hmmm…where will I go with these 50,000 miles I accrued nearly effortlessly? For what I would have spent on MOVIE tickets, I got Nathan’s TravHack 101 and learned how to earn free AIRLINE tickets!  Tickets to “Hangover” plus popcorn $27 vs. TravHack and the ability to GO to Vegas or anywhere else for next to nothing with minimal effort….PRICELESS! Hawaii here we come! Thanks Nathan!”

~Electra A.
Greenville, South Carolina


only $17



***Not to worry, these methods are totally legal; it’s all about finding creative ways (through frequent flyer points and similar programs) to find low-cost or free ways to book a plane, train, or hotel.