I’m going to Portlandia!

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As a fan of The Art of Non-Conformity, I had heard about Chris’ next big project (after his book tour): he was gathering a small army of remarkable people in Portland, Oregon in June 2011.

I hemmed and hawed initially, deciding that I wasn’t able to make the financial commitment (and yet, I had rationalized leaving for Hawaii with no money to my name?!). After meeting Chris in Honolulu, I thought more about this event and realized, “what am I doing? I need to be a part of this!”

And so: I’m going to the World Domination Summit. (You can even check out my profile page here.) Even if I felt that I don’t really have the money for this, the presiding energy is that something amazing is going to happen there and it’s part of my journey. It’s really about seeing money as just another form of energy, and what goes around comes around. So, right now I’m sending energy out into the world (in the form of moola), and I’ll definitely be getting some back – perhaps it’ll be money, perhaps a new connection, a new book, etc. The Universe knows what I need right now and will act accordingly. Besides, I’ve been able to find places to crash in Hawaii for three weeks now – I think I can find three days in Portland. :-)

And I convinced a couple friends to join me there, including Jacob from Sensophy! This will be EPIC. And I would love to see YOU there, too! But act fast – I hear they’re at 85% capacity!

And for a laugh, check out the video below from a new series on IFC set to debut in January: Portlandia. I haven’t owned a TV in over two years, so not sure I’ll catch it, but I know I like the trailer! From my limited time there, I do agree with what they said! :-)

But first, here’s a video from the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki.

Takeaways from the video:

  • No matter your circumstance, you can take one action (maybe small, maybe big) today to move you closer to your goals – it’s just being clear with what you want!
  • I did hike up Diamond Head, and it was cool.
  • Being location independent with my work, I always imagined I’d be on a laptop by the water, but didn’t know it would happen so quickly – the Universe answers swiftly!
with Armin! mahalo to him for granting me access to the Sheraton pool! :-)

 So what are your goals and what ONE action can you take today? (feel free to comment below with the answer!)

The Dream of the 90s is Alive in Portland (thanks IFC)…

And I’m going to set up Picasa albums for my photos from here on out – there are just too many awesome pics that I want to share. So keep an eye out for that. But for now, here are a few choice shots from recent days:

at Waimanalo beach for the 1st Nonstop Awesomeness meetup – met all these cool folks at the Waikiki hostel!

along the North Shore – taken from the back of a moving pick-up truck – yes, that’s legal here in Hawaii

my FREE camping spot on the North Shore of Oahu

with Emily & Mark – fellow Hawaiian travelers

just relaxing after a long day…

Ala Mona Beach & Park – took a nap here and this is what I woke up to :-)

Sunset at the beach in Makaha

from the Punchbowl crater, overlooking Honolulu

en route to Maunawili Falls in the middle of Oahu – jumping off that waterfall was very cool

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