Playing with Fire! Well, technically – Lava!

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This was pretty awesome. I’ve never been this close to lava before – very intense. We are actually standing on what used to be a road that spanned the southern part of the Big Island, but the lava overtook it, along with some houses, an orchard, etc. Lava doesn’t play nicely with others.

And the reason we can see the lava is that as it flows from the volcano, it passes through lava tubes underground, and occasionally the pressure becomes so intense, that it pushes up and seeps out through the earth. That’s what we saw.

We initially thought we’d have to hike about 90 minutes just to hopefully see something. We were supremely rewarded when we showed up – the lava was about 5 minutes away from where we parked the cars.

It’s a bit dark and a bit quiet, but we were out there illegally and it was 4 AM. But these are the things we do to watch flowing fire. Just another day on the Big Island. Hope you enjoy!

See! Lava…

I wonder what would happen with this rock…

So what’s one of the coolest things YOU have ever seen out in Nature? Feel free to leave your answer below.