Quality Time with… Jacob, Ep. #11

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Welcome to episode #11!
You didn’t know we were keeping track, did you? :-)

Today I chat with one of the most ENTHUSIASTIC people I’ve ever known:
Mr. Jacob Sokol from Sensophy!

I was fortunate to stay with Jacob during my time in New York; we totally rocked out on our fundamentals and even found time to hug it out. Thanks to him, my eBook was published on schedule, I caught up on Pixar films, got to know the streets of Queens, and I improved my pull-ups count (from one to…)! I think I was able to share my serious love for washing dishes…. Truly grateful to this guy!

And though I had never been in the same room with him before this trip, Jacob is easily one of my most powerful friends, as he and I formed a mastermind group back in September with six other inspiring people. We have consistently checked in with one another every week for the last six months! This goodness is only just beginning…

Hey, did I mention it was windy in New York? (check out my last post for more evidence). I continue to underestimate the power of wind when it comes to sound; I edited out a couple extreme parts in the following video and I encourage you to stick it out with what’s left – the disruption is minimal, and the content was just too fun for me to scrap. I’m all into keeping these video simple, so I’m extremely grateful for Youtube’s built-in editor! :-)


Some items from Jacob you might dig:

  • Sensophy: his site; he’s committed to living an extraordinary life and here’s one way he’s sharing how he does that
  • Twitter:
  • His phone number (he wasn’t kidding): 

What did you enjoy, what did you learn, and what might you take action on as a result of the chat with Jacob

I’d love to hear your answers and any other comments you have below.

Live Awesome,

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