43 Inspirational Ideas from “Life On Your Terms” + Win the Book!

Back in April of this year, I attended a Twitter Party (yes, this exists).

The theme: “Living the Good Life,” hosted by Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing and Karl Staib of Party Biz Connect.

It was, naturally, a virtual party – and a very cool experience.

Pam Slim from Escape from Cubicle Nation and Jonathan Fields of Career Renegade were there, too, answering questions and talking about living a good life and being productive!

(When I do technological stuff like this, I think it’s so cool we can connect this way, and at the same time, I feel like some 70-year-old man, just staring with mouth agape in wonder.)


As with any good party, there were gifts to hand out – and I “walked away” with a copy of Shann Vander Leek’s book “Life On Your Terms” – filled with inspiring stories and practical advice from over 40 successful entrepreneurs!


What’s the book about?

from Shann:

“You want to live your life on your own terms. You want to follow your passion without being chained to someone else’s dream. You are ready to move forward in the direction of your choosing.

“It’s never too soon, nor too late to follow your passion!”

Wherever you are on the journey to living a fulfilled life full of goodness and passion, and whether or not you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, I think you’d enjoy this book!

Learn more at the Life on Your Terms site.


It’s time to release this book back into the world!

It was cool to get this book mailed to me in Chicago and then carry it with me as I traveled around the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. Now, as space is at a premium, I need to let it go.

As I continue traveling, I’m leaning toward a . (did you hear that Santa?) I love reading and yet, finding room in my small backpack for books is just silly.


To win a copy of the book: leave a comment below with the answer to this questions:

What are your “terms” and what are you excited to create in your life?

I’ll select a recipient on Tuesday, November 15th and will ship the book out!


The Inspirational Ideas

In true PhilosophersNotes style (“more wisdom in less time”), and because it’s part of my TA work for classes at the en*theos Academy, I’ve pulled a handful of BIG IDEAS from Shann’s book – a quick glimpse into what the book offers. Each header corresponds to a different section in the book.

If it resonates with ya, check out the links and the complete book!


Hope you enjoy the inspiration! :-)



The Writing is on the Wall

Discover your Big Five for Life, and spend every minute on them!

[“Your Big Five”: the five things you most want to do, see or experience before you die.]

John P. StreleckyInspirational Author/Speaker


You can be your best self and be fulfilled. Know you are important. Embrace balance.

Arleen BoydAloha Arleen


Think and play bigger. Inner work is essential to consciously creating the life you desire. As an entrepreneur, you have the power to create a prosperous and joyful life while being of service to others.

Lorraine Cohen, CEO and Founder, Powerful Living


Life is full of challenge. You can choose anger and frustration, or you can choose to be resilient and trust that you have the power to change your conditional mindset and your life.

Marianne WeidleinAuthor, Coach, and Visionary




Your feelings and your story are valid. Embrace where you have been, and then live big. You must nurture mind, body and spirit as you explore your path to success.

Aprille Janes, Founder, Bolder Woman


Ask yourself: What are my gifts? What need am I passionate about serving? This will take you to the “neighborhood” of your purpose. Therein lies your great life and your great work.

Ann FarrellCorporate and Business Success Coach


By tapping into your true essence and authentic self, you allow life to flow gently toward you. Embody love and share loving kindness with the Universe and all those around you as you seek your own joy!

Anne Merkel, The Corporate Alchemist


Be willing to learn, and share your knowledge with others. Design and creativity flourish in an environment where everyone supports and teaches one another.

Dava Guthmiller, CEO & Creative Director, Noise 13




Letting Go of Fear

Find the inspiration in adversity. Make a commitment to improve your situation. Even when the odds are daunting, you’re still involved in creating the life of your dreams.

Alicia Castillo Holley, CEO, Wealthing Group


If you’re asking yourself the right questions, the right answers will inevitably come to you. Don’t focus on fear, death, or the impossible: they’re all figments of your imagination. Give up your fear, claim your life, and live it to the fullest.

Perry Niehaus, General Manager, Laser Valley Technologies Corp.


We can create an amazing life with determination and the support of our loved ones and community. Taking time to contribute to the lives of others adds a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in your own life.

Lisa Vinton, President/CEO, Services for Success


Opportunity is all around you, and it’s yours for the taking. Embrace it, and don’t let fear of failure stop you from living the life that fulfills you!

Stacie Tamaki, Founder, The Flirty Guide



Graceful Transitions

Discovering your groove and creating a luscious life is all about allowing for grace through your next transition.

Shann Vander Leek (author of this book!), Author, Speaker, Transition Coach


Are the so-called negatives about you genuinely negative? Remove your personality “barriers” by embracing them. Accept and honor yourself and the way you flow. Your career choices, creativity and spirit will open up when you stop trying to make yourself fit into systems that don’t nurture your natural patterns. Keep your dreams colorful and big, and go after the impossible!

Deborah Martin, Owner, Portage Coach


Embracing the ups and downs of life gives you a greater appreciation of where you are and where you’re headed. These cycles are all part of a full, rewarding life.

, Principal, BHC/JJB


The business revolution starts with empowered, educated women who support and inspire each other.

Ilham Shebani, Founder and Project Leader, Build Self Group


Plan within your passion and do it on your own terms. Share what you’ve learned with the world.

Felicia J. SlatteryCommunication Consultant, Speaker and Coach




Unconventional Wisdom

Don’t fall into the trap of living your life in a way that suits others. Operate from a place of abundance and happiness, and you will always have the life you want and deserve.

Matt Lamphere, Owner, Visual Media Tactics and VMT Films


Identify how you want to live your life and make small changes toward those goals. Take stock of your values and ask yourself if you’re living in a way that honors them. When you find your calling, pursue it with passion and purpose.

Leo Babauta, Author and Creator, Zen Habits


Following your passion is never about money. Happiness, timing and relationships are the most important things in the world. Do all you can to leave a lasting impression on the people with whom you can communicate and interact.

Gabe Zichermann, CEO and Cofounder, rmbrME


Make friends with vulnerability. Take risks and allow creativity to blossom in the places you least expect.

Tom Clynes, Freelance Journalist and Photographer



Trusting in the Universe

We can envision new possibilities and create them – or, we can live as the victims of life, just letting things happen to us. The choice is up to us. So take a step toward your envisioned life, with the faith that more will be revealed as you are guided toward fulfillment.

Akemi Gaines, Founder, Akashic Record Reading and Real Life Spirituality


Instead of focusing on the challenges in your world, open your eyes to all the opportunities surrounding you. Release yourself form any attachment to things that keep you stuck where you are, and realize that you always have options. Once you know that everything in life is about choices, you can choose to completely change your life!

Arlene Battishill, President & CEO, Scooter Girls


There is life running through everything. Live not for things, but live for a life full of wonder. Live so that you’re forever curious. Live knowing that there is nowhere else you need to be, and no one else you need to become.

Nic Askew, Founder, Soul Biographies


Set a standard for yourself to be in charge of your life: how, when, where, and if.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz, Owner, Sage Hill Farms




Your Loved Ones

Create a culture around yourself that nurtures creativity and growth. Be fully present in everything you do in order to stay focused on what really matters.

Jonathan Fields, Author & Entrepreneur


You are never too young or too old to be the person you were meant to be. So don’t be afraid: be your authentic self.

Diane Helbig, Owner, Seize This Day Coaching


Being an entrepreneur is demanding, but if you remember why you embarked on the journey, you will learn to set boundaries, take care of yourself, and honor the things that bring you happiness.

Scott Stratten, President, UnMarketing


Practice loving kindness wherever you go so that others will do the same. Sharing kindness inspires others to create their own successful path.

Susie Bedsow HorganPersonal Life Coach


It doesn’t matter what the odds are, or what other people tell you, if you are passionate about an idea, go after it!

Jeff Kanbar, Founder, Jett Spirits



The Risk is the Reward

Don’t stop doing the things you love just because you’re not making money at them right now. Don’t get lured into the trap of a “secure” paycheck; rather, remember that there is security in your passion and talents.

John Foote, Owner, Land Mind Productions and Mental Records


When it looks like you can’t go any further, keep moving anyway. Every step forward is a step toward your dreams and desires.

Lorraine Edey, Founder, Coaching Inspirations


You don’t have to be boxed in by the rules of society. It doesn’t matter how crazy your dream is, or what other people think of it. Begin to plan and create your greatest life today.

Joe MacQuarrie, Owner, Advertising Advantage


Embrace the journey you are on, learn from the lessons that have come your way, and live an inspired life!

Linda Joy, President and Founder, Aspire Media Founder and Publisher, Inspired Living Publishing




Discover Your Groove

Embrace the many facets of your life, and never apologize for the path you choose to take. Live your life according to your values, and integrate your skills in a positive way – whether they’re learned from a boardroom or in your own home.

Laura Lopez, Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Birkman Method Coach


Make the decision to be stronger, kinder and more positive. A full life happens when you cultivate a positive mindset and contribute to the success of others.

Lynette Crow, President/CEO, Conspire2Hire


Be yourself. You don’t have to work with or surround yourself with anyone who devalues your own belief system. Don’t try to get rich quick: live by your immutable laws to get rich right.

Mike MichalowiczAuthor and Founder, Obsidian Launch


Learn to go with the flow, and allow yourself to naturally transition through life. Absorb each moment fully, learn from it, celebrate or heal, then let it go and move forward.

Will Wilkinson, Founder and CIO, Imagifi Productions Unlimited



Creating True Balance: Living the Dream

Your business is nothing more than the economic engine that will propel you toward your dreams. So stop, dream, and put your life first.

Dwain DeVilleAuthor and CEO, Watermark International


Nurture and honor your own divine energy. Discover how your business creates opportunities for self-study. Integrate lessons from your coaches, friends, and mentors into your everyday existence.

Melinda Cohan, Cofounder and CEO, The Coaches Console


Free yourself from limitations by understanding that the worst-case scenario is never that bad.

Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos


Creating a life on your terms isn’t just about building a business: it’s about realizing that life is too short to settle. Take responsibility for your life, and throw yourself unreservedly toward your passion.

Julie Swatek, Founder, Scrap Your Trip




The Common Thread

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell


If you’re looking to find more inspiration, I encourage you to check out the websites and work of all the entrepreneurs mentioned above. I’ve had the great fortune to meet or work with a few of them, and they are the real deal: they can truly support you pursue your passion and follow your bliss! :-)


Remember – to win a copy of the book, just answer this question bel0w (recipient chosen Nov. 15th):

What are your “terms” and what are you excited to create in your life?


I’d love to hear your answer + any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


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