Ep. #30: QTw… Grant Cooper

Welcome to Episode #30 of Quality Time with…!

 (This video series is a chance for me to share short conversations with the awesome people I’m meeting along the journey.)


As Blanche DuBois (sister of STELLA!!!) says, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers…”


It’s only fitting I lead with that line: I was in New Orleans.

This is the city where not only Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire takes place, but this is where he actually wrote the play, too!

(I even walked by his old digs in the French Quarter.)

In turned out Blanche and I have much in common…


On my second day in the city, I went to Whole Foods (of course!) to do some work (free wifi!!) and eat lunch (salad bar!!!), and as I was packing up for the day, the person next to me asked, “Hey, how’s it going?”

I just happened to sit next to Grant Cooper.


Over the next couple weeks, I was fortunate enough to learn more about Grant, hang out with him, chat about business ideas, and generally have a good time.


It’s kinda crazy how random things seem…until they don’t.

Given how much support Grant offered (a partial list is below), I really feel like I was supposed to connect with him in The Big Easy.

He was so friendly and casual that of course we struck up a conversation at Whole Foods.

After a few minutes of chatting that first day, he graciously offered his office space where I could work in a quiet setting – I took his info and a couple days later I called to take him up on his offer.


Here’s just a handful of ways Grant was super awesome:

  • Gave me a fantastic work space (and a great, well-located spot in town)
  • Took me out to lunch (twice) and dinner
  • Took me to a networking event (where I made contacts!)
  • Let me crash at his house + made me dinner
  • Let me crash at his office for a WEEK!! (because of Jazz Fest, it was nearly impossible to find a couch or hotel!)
  • Gave me numerous rides around town, even when it was out of his way!


Like I mention in the video: Grant is so generous, it was unbelievable at times, and to him, it’s so natural: love that!


More about Grant:

(click the article for a larger version)


Thanks again to Grant – he is definitely one of the reasons I truly enjoyed my time in NOLA!! :)



How have you depended on the kindness of strangers?


I’d love to hear your response + any other thoughts you have below.

Looking forward to learning more!