Housesitting in Vallejo and a Fear of Chickens

Nathan Vallejo Housesit

I’ve been doing more housesitting recently and looks like I have another gig coming up.

All this reminded me that I never posted this funny, early-morning video from back in June during a housesit in Vallejo, CA (NE of San Francisco). It still makes me laugh to hear what I think about the chickens (still kinda true). :)

The place I stayed was great: nice, little house for 3 weeks with 1 dog, 4 cats, and 9 chickens (!). Lots of bike riding, playing my uke, cooking (homemade pesto!), and solitude. Great way to recharge. Housesitting is one of my *favorite* ways to meet new people, get a deeper experience of a place, and to relax.

Plus, at this place, there was a *beautiful* backyard. The homeowner is a landscape architect (not surprising, given what you’ll catch in the video).

Oh—in the vid, the thumping you hear at the beginning is the dog’s tail hitting the platform he sleeps on—he’s happy to see me in the morning, and soon after, I kinda lost my balance at the very start (hence the “Whoa”).

I’m always on the lookout for more house/pet-sitting, both long and short-term, so let me know if you might need something (either in the US or abroad). I do this free of charge, though I do offer some organizational services I could do while at your place.

And if YOU are looking to housesit, check out Housecarers (it’s where I’ve been a member for 2+ years).

Flying down to the Bay Area and LA over the next week. All the best in your journeys, too!