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Survey Results + December Course Special: ‘Tis the Season to RELAX!

Thanks to everyone for responding to the recent reader survey about what new course you’d like me to create! Here were the results… (click on any chart for a larger version) What would you *most* want to learn/take part in?

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Help Create the Next Course! What do you *MOST* want to learn?

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from a coffee shop in West Hollywood!   I’m sitting here (no standing desks available!) among the baristas and others working at this rather well-known coffee chain, and thinking about what I can do next to support you in your

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Ask the Readers: What to Do Around Smokers?

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  For the most part, I’m really easy-going. I think it’s one of my biggest strengths, and something that has kept me quite sane with all this traveling. You just have to keep rolling with what comes along and make

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