My Weekend Visit to Awesometown & some en*theos thoughts

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Day 1 – Butterfly Beach in Montecito (video)

Day 2 – Yacht Wedding in Marina del Rey (video)

(Oh, and I already got my next adventure – another West Coast road trip – NEXT week! Stay tuned for serious fun… :-)

So in the first video, I mentioned the online community en*theos (I actually have a badge for it in the right column) – it’s this really amazing place started by Brian Johnson (PhilosophersNotes) and his wife Alexandra Jaye Johnson (My Goddess Life). It’s become a pretty important part of my life, and I’m so excited by all the people I’m meeting there. I was recently honored as a “featured” member and couldn’t be more grateful and inspired to keep contributing. Think of Facebook, but 24/7 it’s all about living your greatest life, so…really cool.

I did a couple of videos for that site, but I wanted to post them here, too – ’cause I really enjoyed making them and wanted to share – hope you dig it!

When en*theists collide

Our Empowered Selves in Every Moment

Now three months ago I’m just about convinced that I would have been another driver who just went past, maybe thinking “I hope they’re alright,” but not acting on that impulse. Back in early August, on my way home from Ashland, OR with my buddy Robert, we passed a flipped truck and without hesitation, he said “pull over,” immediately jumping out of the car to see what he could do. He doesn’t have any extensive medical training, but he knew he had to help. See more on that experience HERE (video #5).

I was really inspired by his courage to do something, and it was the same situation here: I don’t have any medical training, I don’t know what I would have been able to do, but I thought – “I want to help” – and that was all I needed. Don’t get me wrong – being on the side of a dark freeway next to an accident, in shorts & sandals – does not make for a light-hearted time. I was a little concerned for my own safety, but was trying to focus on what needed to be done.

I thankful that more didn’t need to be done, and that both drivers were at least walking. Also grateful that my gut beat out my fear on this one – now I won’t ever wonder if I could have helped.

Thanks for checking this out – I hope you’re enjoying a trip to Awesometown, listening to your instincts, and overcoming your fears – NOW is the time to rock it!