Are You in the Presence of Greatness?

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Quick plug: in two weeks time, I plan to release my eGuide on how I changed my life: getting rid of everything I owned, booking flights for FREE, and tapping into what excites me. I think it will provide a great jumping-off point (with tons of practical info) for whatever you choose to do in your life. Now onto the post…

First: the answer to that question above is YES! YOU are an amazing person with unbelievable gifts. That’s pretty awesome.

Now in regard to who you’re hangin’ around, I think it is important to surround ourselves with greatness, even if we don’t know these people personally. To witness someone who has tapped into what they are here to do is so inspiring & energizing. And when we talk of someone having such “Presence” (usually onstage), I think that Presence is the Divine, flowing through us as we connect to the work that we have been brought here to do.

I remember seeing Savion Glover about 5 years ago; I had heard this guy was amazing, so I bought very close (and expensive) seats – I was about 10 feet from his feet! Without doubt, I witnessed genius that day. Here’s a quick clip of his work:

Seeing him tap, it creates such a spark in me; I seek to do work that turns that charge into true electricity (and I’m pretty sure I’m barking up the right tree these days)!

I’ve spent the last week here in LA. The main reasons were to sell my car (which I did) and to pick up my remaining items from my brother’s place and bring them east to my mother’s (I know many travelers who use this kind of “storage unit” :-).

What I also managed to squeeze in were three events (two of which I had never attended before during my many years here):

  • Tuesday night talks with Marianne Williamson, following A Course in Miracles – what an aware & compassionate soul she is, and has such a gift with silence & interpretation.
  • Stories by Heart with John Lithgow – a Master Thespian! All kidding aside, Mr. Lithgow is an immense pleasure to watch, a shining example of what a performer is, and in his mid-60s, displays energy that shows no signs of waning! A diverse and versatile man, with success as an actor, singer, writer – just astounding!
  • Agape International Spiritual Center with Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith – such a brilliant, conscious, loving and enthusiastic person – his words are definitely from a Higher Source! And if you can make it to one of the Choir Sundays – hoo-boy, you are in for a treat! :-)

w/ the Reverend Michael & Carolyn

With all of these people, you could tell that this is the work they are MEANT to do. I think this is the path we all seek – to connect with something so powerful that at a certain point, it flows effortlessly. This is not to suggest that work is not required; it’s just that these skills come naturally to us, and opportunities open us as we play more in this space. And another good tip-off to when it flows – when we can SMILE while doing it. All four of the people mentioned above most definitely enjoyed what they were in the midst of. You can’t fake that. And that’s what it’s all about to me – choosing to do what I love, what excites me, and what creates value for others.

If you’re in the LA area, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out these three events; you can also listen to Marianne’s lectures online, watch one of Lithgow’s many movies (I’m sure it had something to do with my age at the time, but I’m always partial to ), and stream Agape’s services LIVE! These are just three examples – I know there are many other opportunities out there of outstanding greatness that we could bring into our lives.

So where do you find inspiration? What Greatness have you experienced recently?

The Nonstop Awesomeness train keeps on rollin’ – next stop: the East Coast (whenever the snow decides to let up)! I’m excited to continue the journey with each of you!