Quality Time with… Roma and Kris, Ep. #25

So last week we got to know Tabitha, one of the guests here at Couchsurfing Headquarters (CSHQ); today we meet two of the people responsible for this operation: Roma and Kris.

They are two very fun and of course very hospitable people. As just an example, Roma had made up my bed the first night I got there, despite getting home late from work, and Kris loaned me his bicycle so I could meet up with friends! It’s so much fun to meet people who are so open to travelers and so supportive of those of us on the road with a budget. :-)


What we chat about:

  • How the “headquarters” came to be – Roma’s answer is hilarious!
  • Their favorite part about being hosts
  • What most people don’t know – hear what Roma and Kris reveal about each other!

FYI – the “Moses” they refer to is not the biblical figure; it’s their third roommate. :-)

Oh, and right at the top, you’ll hear Roma crooning to some Ella Fitzgerald on in the background.

And yes, my hair is getting a little crazy (at least for me). I am aware and looking into remedies…

[click to watch video]

More about Roma and Kris…

  • Roma’s site: Thousand-Mile Journeys, where he has a few projects, including his Crazy Kanji videos, where he shares the story behind Chinese characters used in Japanese writing – very cool!
  • If you need a place to stay and are in Portland, find them on Couchsurfing.org: Roma’s profile and Kris’ profile


Have you ever used Couchsurfing or had cool strangers give you a place to crash?

I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


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