My New Gig: Going Back to School (Sorta) + How You Can Too!

en*theos Academy for Optimal Living

I’ve been involved with Brian Johnson’s world for a while now. The PhilosophersNotes were life-changing, I loved Optimal Living 101, and my first mastermind group (celebrating one year!) started as a result of connecting with other people into the whole “let’s live the greatest lives we can” idea.

Well recently, Brian reached out to see if I’d like to move beyond a participant and come aboard to help them out with their newest project:

The en*theos Academy for Optimal Living


What’s the Academy? It’s amazing writers, teachers, and thinkers offering classes that are available to anyone in the world, and whoever takes the class has direct access to theprofessor to ask questions. Pretty awesome, right?


Optimal Living is embodying the greatest life possible, in all aspects of life, including money, relationships, nutrition, positive psychology, parenting, business, creativity, and lots more.


It’s all about creating a modern-day Plato’s Academy, where the best and brightest thinkers come to share their wisdom.

Academy for Optimal Living


What it’s all about in 77 seconds…


This it definitely up my alley. How about you?

I get so fired up learning about all this stuff, and I LOVE talking about it. On one of the Optimal Living Coaching calls earlier this year, I told Brian how after the calls, I have so much energy, that if I’m around other people, they end up in marathon conversations with me about this stuff – even if they didn’t want to!

Or, when I’m by myself, I feel like running to the nearest house and seeing if anyone over there wants to talk. Yeah, I’m that into this.


When it comes to talking about Optimal Living, I just don’t get tired.

This is my version of “I will drink you under the table.”


What I’ll be doing is making sure things go smoothly on a technical side (pretty simple) and also asking questions if need be. It’s like I’m a TA (teacher’s assistant), but without all the homework to correct. :-)

Super excited about all of this – and if it’s right for you, would love to have you join us! (You need to register before the first session of any class, and if you can’t make any times, no problem – every class will be recorded and available online.)

Now I’m not just helping them out – I’m also one of their full-time students! I’ll be attending as many courses as I can – maybe I’ll see ya in class – I’ll even share my notes (in fact, see my video at the end)!


If you want to get an idea of what the personal interaction can be like on the Academy calls, here’s an excerpt with Brian and I from the Optimal Living Group Coaching calls he did earlier this year (there were many people on the call and he often took this amount of time to address questions).

OLGC Call Excerpt

(click play or the text to start)


A Dream Come True?

Funny enough, though last year I would have done anything to work with en*theos, it doesn’t feel like a “dream come true” now. Don’t get me wrong – I am ENORMOUSLY grateful and thrilled for the opportunity; it’s just that this year, it feels absolutely right. It’s not one of those “I can’t believe this is happening” moments; it’s more like, “I’m really honored and excited to DO THIS!”

Brian and I both share that sentiment – it feels absolutely natural to bring me onboard at this particular time with this particular project – and we’re eager at the potential ahead, too.

It’s cool that this all came about from me just being me – totally enthusiastic about the material and about what Brian is creating. Another great reminder that very cool things can happen from being absolutely transparent and authentic.

Here’s a message I sent to my pal Electra (part of my Mastermind Group) right after one of the OLGC calls, where I had an awesome time learning and chatting about big ideas and how to integrate all of this into our lives – it was a really fun call!


fb msg

Looks like I got my wish.


Playing with Genius and Strengths

Another awesome part about this work is that it uses my Top 5 Zones of Genius, as well as my Top 2 Signature Strengths!

My Zones of Genius…

  1. Talking
  2. Learning
  3. Connecting with others
  4. Focus – managing details
  5. Puzzle Solving – finding solutions
My Signature Strengths…
  1. Enthusiasm, Zest, and Energy (did you know that en*theos, meaning “god within,” is the root word of Enthusiasm? :-))
  2. Curiosity and Interest in the World
  3. Forgiveness and Mercy
  4. Diligence, Industry, Perseverance
  5. Self-control and Self-Regulation

If you’re curious to find YOUR  Zones and Strengths, check out this video and also Authentic Happiness, where you’ll want to sign up (FREE) and take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths test.

Basically, you want to see how often you can play in these areas – it’s gonna lead to a more engaged, a more fulfilled, and a more fun YOU! :-)


Courses Available This Fall

Curious about what to study at the Academy? Here are the 10 domains we’re focusing on: 

  • Nutrition, Fitness & Well-Being
  • Positive Psychology
  • Creativity
  • Leadership & Self-Development
  • Relationships & Sexuality
  • Parenting
  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Spirituality
  • Money & Wealth
  • Conscious Business
  • Politics, Sustainability & Activism


Check out the Course Selection


If you want to get in on the LIVE calls, be sure to register before the first session of any class!

Anything you want to know about the Academy? Let me know below!


Here’s an interview that Alexandra Jaye Johnson (Brian’s wife) did with Steve Sisgold on his upcoming class, “Whole Body Consciousness.” In fact, this is one of the classes I’m TA’ing, so you might even hear me on the call!

From the Academy site: In this highly engaging course Author and Body Centered Therapist Steve Sisgold will share his findings and innovative strategies for how to access and listen to your body’s intelligence (BQ),  in a proven, very effective way. 



whole body consciousness

 click for more info!



Classes Have Begun + Big Ideas Already!

We kicked off with Chip Conley’s class “PEAK: How Great Businesses Get Their Mojo from Maslow” – based on Abraham Maslow description of a “Hierarchy of Needs” for individuals. Essentially, after we take care of our basic needs, there is more we want to achieve (to realize our potential!).

Here’s my recap of the BIG IDEAS I took away from Chip’s class!



My #1 BIG IDEA from Chip’s first class:

 If people can self-actualize, why not businesses?


A very cool concept to chew on.


Again – I’m super excited to be joining the team of Brian Johnson, Alexandra Jaye Johnson, and John Carey (their Happiness Manager and also part of my Mastermind!). I guess I didn’t get the “need-to-have-John-in-your-name” memo. :-)

One final note: thanks to en*theist Gieta for helping me out with my wireless needs – now I can logon and be part of the classes from wherever I am – I’m totally mobile! Sweet!


Have you ever had an awesome opportunity or work come along that came directly out of you being completely authentic and enthusiastic?


I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Until next time,

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