Giveaway: Who Wants a Taco T-Shirt??

Something pretty cool happened…

I posted about my taco cart experience a few weeks ago, and somehow (through the magic of the internet), the company, Rasta Taco, heard about it.



They left a comment on the post, and even wrote about it on their own blog! Awesome. :)


Oh – and they wanted to send me a t-shirt. How cool is that?!

I really appreciate them reaching out and the offer!


I asked them, since I’m traveling light, if it would be cool to send the t-shirt along to one of YOU, and they said absolutely! :)


Rasta Taco T-Shirt

(Be sure to check out the rest of their merch, too!)


How to Win the T-Shirt

In the spirit of the original post, leave a comment below with how you helped out someone you didn’t know (could be ANYTHING!).


I’ll select a winner by Friday, September 21st.

So, jump onboard below to win a Rasta Taco t-shirt—taco cart not included! ;)


And be sure to check out (and even hire!) Rasta Taco, SoCal’s Original Gourmet Taco Cart Catering Company!


Looking forward to learning more!