Show Update #4: Kickstarter Campaign has LAUNCHED!

Let’s Raise Some Funds and Finish This Pilot!


WOW—it’s only been three weeks since we wrapped filming (and only three months since the idea was first announced) and now we’re here: to raise funds to complete the pilot!


The KICKSTARTER page has been launched – PLEDGE HERE!

If you’re unfamiliar with this process, Kickstarter allows people to “crowdfund” for their projects. You post your idea and then people from all over the world can contribute—thus, you can raise money in a more efficient and quicker manner!

Important: our project is only funded if we reach 100% of our goal.

We can, of course, surpass our goal, but if we don’t hit our target, we get nothing.


Our goal: $7195!

This will go toward paying the crew, hiring an editor, and other post-production costs.


I’m VERY encouraged by the first day’s stats!

We raised $345 in the first 12 hours from 6 backers—pretty awesome indeed, and THANK YOU to those brave souls (it’s never easy being first, especially when it comes to giving money)! :)

These first few days are CRUCIAL—they can really help us build momentum toward our goal, so if you are thinking about contributing ANY amount, I encourage you to do that now!

We feature some awesome rewards for the various pledge levels, including:

  • PDF recipe guide
  • Cooking class
  • Smoothie Hangout
  • Optimal Living audit
  • Behind the scenes access

You can donate anywhere from $1 all the way up to $5000! :)

Donate now!


Here’s the welcome video for our Kickstarter campaign (including some footage from the pilot!):


And in case you’re wondering: funding ends on Saturday, December 15th at 12:15 pm PST—so yes, 12/15 @ 12:15. :)

But again: don’t delay—consider giving now and help us keep the ball rolling!

I’ve seen several friends be very successful using Kickstarter, including:


Couple additions to the site:

There’s now a central Show page—the content is similar to that on the Kickstarter page (for now). I’ll probably add more (and edit) as things progress!

I’ve also added a cool Kickstarter widget at the top of the right sidebar, which gives you the latest stats on the project: how much has been raised, what percentage of our goal has been met, and how many days left!


Donate to the campaign!



THANK YOU in advance for however you can contribute!

It really and truly means the world to me, and I can’t WAIT to shoot more episodes and fulfill those rewards—it’s all going to be so fun!!


Don’t forget to vote! Yes, I know what day it is… :)

There are still a few days left to let your voice be heard on a new course you’d like to see me offer—vote here (will take you less that 30 seconds, guaranteed!!).


Looking forward to learning more!





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