QTw #27: Richard (Dick’s Kitchen) – Stone-Age Diner brings Nutrition to 21st Century Portland

dick's burgerWelcome to episode #27 of Quality Time with…, where I genuinely connect with someone I’ve met, to get a glimpse into who they are, what they’re up to, and what they’re excited about!

Today’s episode comes to you from Belmont Street in Southeast Portland, Oregon, where I had the fantastic opportunity to meet and speak with Richard, the man behind Dick’s Kitchen.

This has been one of my favorite posts to put together, as I had an amazing and fun time speaking with Richard, who was such a wealth of information. The clip below is only about six minutes, but we spoke about health and nutrition for almost an hour – nonstop!

Among lots of other interesting facts (some after the video), Richard shares that he was inspired to create this restaurant after experimenting with his own diet to deal with health issues; he changed what he was eating and it led to an end to his internal inflammation issues and losing 35 pounds!

Some of what we chat about:

  • What he saw that other restaurants weren’t making easy for their customers
  • Where this shift to a new health paradigm has come from
  • PLUS – you do NOT want to miss what Richard shares about his days in college with a chimpanzee!

(if you’re reading this on email or otherwise can’t see the video, please click here)

Love the point he made that there ARE solutions to the “inevitable” diseases of aging – they are a function of what we’re eating and how we live.

More below… Vinegar vs. Wheat, Books You’ll Dig, Health Event in LA, and the truth about “grass fed”


Vinegar to the Rescue

One of the coolest things (to me) that Richard and I spoke about is dealing with wheat. Neither of us eat much of it, but if we do (and gluten-free is the way to go), he said to throw some kind of vinegar product with it, as it slows down the conversion process of the starch into glucose in the bloodstream, and thus reduces the sugar spike in our body. So…
  • If you’re eating a hamburger and a bun, add a pickle to your plate
  • Want a hot dog? Top it with some sauerkraut!
  • Kimchi is super healthy and Richard mentioned that many people eat it with every meal
Check out this article about how gluten is killing us from Dr. Mark Hyman, and here’s an article from Lance Armstrong’s site about vinegar and glucose – it was written for diabetics, though the information can apply to anyone.


Books and an Event to Check Out

When I was at Dick’s, the manager John brought over an awesome stack of books – I particularly enjoyed checking out  by Jan Chozen Bays.

I’ve been aware for a while that I really race through my meals – whether I’m watching something on my laptop, talking with people, or just thinking, sometimes I don’t even really taste my food. I’m definitely looking at how I can integrate this practice into my life.

Richard told me about a couple other books to check out (I briefly checked out their sites, too – good stuff!):

  •  by Marc David (site)
  •  by Nora T. Gedgaudas (site)
And if you’re in LOS ANGELES in AUGUST, Richard told me about the inaugural Ancestral Health Symposium. Looks like there are going to be some amazing people speaking there, including Mark Sisson, one of my go-to sources for health info these days, and contributor to a certain post here.


More about Dick’s Kitchen

Want to read about all their LOCAL food vendors? You can do that right here.

A few days after we met, Richard was actually going out to visit Carman Ranch, who provides DK with 100% grass-fed beef. So awesome that he creates that relationship!


my lunch at dick's

my lunch at Dick's: pure papaya juice, all natural burger on lettuce "bun" and air-baked yam fries with homemade horseradish sauce!


Side note on “grass-fed”: Richard mentioned that some companies use that term even if they cows spent the last six months in feed lots eating corn or other grains. The term that’s correct in those situations is “grass fed, grain finish,” but you most likely won’t see that. If you’re looking for true grass-fed, be sure to investigate the source thoroughly.

Thanks again to Richard and all the staff at Dick’s – it was a fantastic find and I hope you check it out when you’re in Portland!


Dick’s Kitchen
3312 SE Belmont St. in Portland ()
Open 11 am – 10 pm every day


What do you think about Dick’s Kitchen and their stone-age approach to diner food?


I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


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