Speaking Announcement + What Went Well?

I’ve been prepping the Monthly Practice Report for March and decided to press pause and experiment with writing a short and quick blog post!

It’s 7 AM, and I thought: could I write an entire blog post in the next 30 minutes? Does it have to take several days?? :)

One of my favorite things to develop in my life is this sense that I can pivot at any moment. If something isn’t serving me, or I feel pulled in a new direction, or I feel stuck, I can change it up!

So here we go…



Super excited to announce where I’ll be speaking this year!

(click the banners for the sites)


First up is Life is Good, May 24-27 in Vancouver, WA


Second is at Wide Sky Days, September 5-9 in San Diego, CA

These are both conferences around Unschooling – this is a topic I’m still learning TONS about, and I’m really excited to dive deeper!

One of the central messages is that we don’t need to teach children – they already love to learn! So: how do we encourage, foster, and nurture their inherent awesomeness? :)

Very cool stuff! Plus – those conference names are awesome and everyone looks to be having such a great time! I’m in!!


I’ll be sharing two presentations:

  • Nonstop Awesomeness: How to Look, Feel + BE Healthy As You Travel
  • Travel Hacking: See the World for a Fraction of the Cost

You can read more about these on my Speaking page – and if this might be a good topic for your group (in person or virtually), let me know! :)

Can’t wait to add more events to this list!!

And if you’re in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR or San Diego areas, c’mon by and check out the unschooling goodness!!

Obviously, this changes my travel plans (oh, I knew it wouldn’t last :) – more later, as I figure out a path for May! 


What Went Well?

I’m always on the lookout for great practices to build into my life.

I was reminded about this one the other day as I was editing a new PhilosophersNote (insert girlish squeal here)!

At the end of each day, think back on what went well today?

You might take time to do this at dinner, in your journal, or even as you’re in bed as you drift off to sleep.

Sharing this practice with another person can be awesome, too!

By focusing on the positives in our lives, and looking at where we rocked it, we can direct our attention to create more of the “wellness!” :)


For example: on Monday, I had an amazingly creative call with my Business Mastermind, totally rocked out the editing work for the PNotes, and then had a wonderful dinner with a good friend.

I like to look at what did I do (maybe differently) to create these experiences – and then how can I focus on more of this in the future?

  • How can I show up with more enthusiasm, openness, and creativity?
  • How can I bring my A-game, and just do what needs to be done?
  • How can I connect genuinely and intimately with everyone I meet?


THAT’S the kind of stuff that will create an extraordinary life ahead! :)


Whew! There we are: an entire post in…well, about 45 minutes!

Hope you enjoyed my mini-experiment this week and got some goodness out of this one!

I’ll be publishing my March Monthly Report soon and have also recorded a video on Journaling, to share more of my goodness for tackling and answering life’s questions!


Hope you’re having a fantastic day!



Quick question: what went well for you today?

I’d love to hear your response + any other comments you have below.


Looking forward to learning more!