Feel Good Fast Food in San Diego!

Burger, Fries, & a Shake at evolution fast food!


Last Friday, I was on a mid-afternoon break in Balboa Park.

I had just spent a few hours at a Starbucks in the Hillcrest neighborhood, and walked down to the park for some sun and exercise.

I jumped on the jungle gym for some pull-ups and stretching—felt great to be outdoors!

I had planned to hit another cafe I had heard about, but they didn’t have wifi.

As I made my way south on 5th street in the Bankers Hill area, I stumbled upon this corner “fast food” place that promised vegan food—whaaaa????


Yup, it’s for real, and it’s called evolution fast food.

Why? ‘Cause “it’s the evolution of where fast food is going.” Ha—LOVE that!! :)


I couldn’t believe that I had literally just stumbled upon this place (much like my experience with the SuperFood Bar in NOLA)!

Yes, I love to do research, AND I think it’s even cooler when I just happen upon somewhere, or am given a recommendation!

That first afternoon, I grabbed the Israel’s Tonic juice—full of lots of great veggies. But the next day, I knew I had to go back for a burger, fries, and shake!

I mean, c’mon: that’s as American as apple pie—and to see it done in a responsible, healthy, and conscious way?! I’m in!! :)


Of course, I remember many times in my younger days grabbing this stuff from McDonald’s (growing up on the East Coast) or Carl’s Jr. (living on the West Coast).

At the time, I thought it was pretty tasty and damn good. Shudder…

Little did I know, right?

I’m sure I could go back and research exactly what I was eating, but I’m not looking to scare myself right now. :)

Instead, with evolution’s help, here’s a healthy alternative for this traditional American meal…


So what did I eat?

  • South of the Border Burger:
    • Patty: house-made, black beans, flax seed, herbs, spices, and gluten free
    • Bun: gluten-free bread
    • Guacamole, Salsa, Jalapeno, lettuce, onion, tomato
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Strawberry Shake: soy-milk based

And of course, you don’t need to be in San Diego to eat this way: you can find recipes online and similar products at health food stores and be enjoying this meal tonight!

In fact, here’s what Google has for: 

For the shake, I’d probably use a nut milk (which you can either buy or make—SUPER simple to do, btw) and some strawberries, maybe a few dates for a sweetener, and a banana to give it that foamier texture.


Here’s what evolution fast food is about (from their site):

Evolution Fast Food is the only San Diego drive-thru restaurant offering a healthy, delicious, vegetarian & vegan menu.

Our Mission: To improve the world with delicious, nutritious fast food that is good for you and good for the earth. To be a positive, respectful, healthy place to eat, work, and do business.

Our Promise: No animal ingredients, No refined sweeteners, No hi-fructose corn syrup, No hydrogenated oils, No artificial flavors, All Delicious.


And: no GMO ingredients, no artificial additives, preservatives, or colors, and no cholesterol!

Plus, they’re also using compostable containers!

You can check out a couple more videos about them here!


Where can you FIND evolution?

evolution fast food

2949 5th Ave (corner of Quince), San Diego, 92103 – map



Oh – and yes, the picture/ad at the very top was a riff on the ridiculous “Don’t bother me. I’m eating.” campaign from Carl’s Jr. Like it? :)


So that was my experience at evolution—what do you think?!

I’d love to hear your response + any other thoughts you have below.


Looking forward to learning more!